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  1. Trip Clip Running Errands With Kids? Try The Trip Clip! (A review and a giveaway!) - So, you know what’s fun? Running errands with your kids in tow. It’s a blast right?! It’s right up there with matching socks, getting a root canal, or responding to a jury duty summons.  Oh come on! I know I am not the only one who sort of treasures those times when I can run […]
  2. Risen Christ Prayer for the Week Apr 20 – This Is The Day The Lord Has Made! -   (Photo Credit) Fill me this day, O Lord, with joy in the Risen Christ. This is the day the Lord has made! Bless me this day, O Lord, through the Spirit’s power and grace. This is the day the Lord has made! Guide me this day, O Lord, to be a sign of your […]
  3. Earth Day Living in Peace With Nature (Thoughts for Earth Day from Israel, age 12) - Besides Earth Day, when do you ever think about the earth?  And maybe that’s just another weird thing that people do. Maybe the world’s not important, its not like we need it to survive or anything.   Saint Francis didn’t think so. He knew the importance of what God gave us, so here’s a view […]
  4. Mercy Found Me Prayer For The Week of April 13 — His Mercy Found Me - Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday. Although I can’t live a day, a second, a fleeting moment without God’s mercy, there’s something so profound about setting aside a particular day to meditate on His mercy. In yesterday’s homily, my priest brought out the root of the word mercy. It comes from the Latin: misericordia. Literally this means, […]
  5. Embracing Delays The Maine Delay - As many of our faithful readers know, my family has embarked on a great adventure. A big move from Urban to Rural. From West Coast to East Coast! We put all our eggs in one beautiful basket: a 19 acre farm in rural Maine! (See pictures of it here. And read the store of it […]
  6. IMG_1706 Family Time Bike Ride - We love family bike rides!  Jordan and I have been cycling since before I got pregnant with our first daughter — a long time ago — and we have longed for the day when our girls could really join us.  Two summers ago our youngest daughter graduated to her first road bike (it was still […]
  7. Kristy Wedding pic Prayer for the Week Apr 6 – Loving Well - Every married couple has experienced distance in their marriage.  It’s not a matter of will it come, but when will it be here.  Life encroaches on our relationship and the enemy attacks marriage and family every single day; we’re out-numbered.  As I was reading my devotions this morning the Lord lovingly reminded me of the […]
  8. Every good gift Happy Easter! - Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!! May your day be filled with the knowledge that because He lives, we live! Because He overcame, we overcome! Because He conquered, we are more than conquerors! May you abide in His Presence today! Stand in the Light!!! <3 , Kristina and Daja