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  1. Peace in Advent Journeying in Peace This Advent (Week Four) - There are a lot of messes in the Bible narrative.  Have you ever considered that?  Things are rarely tidy and wrapped up with a nice bow at the end of a story in the Bible–not like those cheesy television specials in the 80′s.  The Bible is full of enough violence, sorrow, betrayal, confusion and redemption […]
  2. Hospitality Holiday Hospitality! (More fun than spiking Santa’s milk with bourbon!) - Are you have guests this holiday season?  Family and friends gathering for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or Epiphany?  Perhaps you have a couple birthdays thrown into the holiday mix? We both do!  Showing hospitality can be delightful, fun and enriching.  OR it can be stressful, turning you into a cleaning machine with a deranged look […]
  3. Room Prayer for the Week of December 15 — Do You Have Room? - You’re baking cookies.  You’re wrapping gifts. You spent a lot of time online grabbing some hot deals.  You stood in line at the mall (and may or may not have eaten a Cinnabon) getting those last minute gifts.  You have a list a mile long that includes vacuuming and dusting and finally getting those lights […]
  4. Insane. Let's not be. Your Holiday Reality Check - So….. An “opportunity” presented itself recently.  It was a good opportunity. Could have made us a little money.  But the timing was not perfect.  It was too close to Christmas.  But, we kind of wanted to do it.  It would have been fun.  So, Kristina and I batted around that pro-con list.  Reasons we should […]
  5. Encountering Joy Encountering Joy On Our Journey of Advent (3rd Week of Advent) - The third week of Advent, we remember how the angels brought the shepherds good news of great joy! Isn’t it just like the Lord to give us an encounter with Joy right smack-dab in the middle of the Christmas c.r.u.n.c.h!  You see he knew from the beginning of time that at this time we would […]