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  1. IMG_2467 Excuse me, but your California is showing - I am daily faced with the fact that I was born and raised in California. It’s in my blood. I love Maine. I love the people. I love the weather. I love the atmosphere. But, guess what? You can take the girl out of California….. It’s 86 degrees. All your friends are dying of heat […]
  2. God of Leftovers Prayer for the week of July 27 — God of Leftovers - Yesterday in church I was so impressed with the idea that God is a God of leftovers. Comforting to me because I have certainly felt depleted lately. Depleted….is that the word I want? Empty? Spent? Used up?  Yes, all those things.  On Saturday I sat on my kitchen floor weeping great tears of desperation. I […]
  3. Mountains Prayer for the Week Jul 20 – Gentle Reminders - It the midst of the storms of life, God sends gentle reminders of His Love in the every day things around us. I sing the mighty power of God, That made the mountains rise, That spread the flowing seas abroad, And built the lofty skies. I sing the wisdom that ordained The sun to rule […]
  4. Caramel for Carmel Caramel for Carmel - My little story begins with my husband and I picking up some Craigslist finds in a nearby city.  We left most of our furniture in California when we moved to Maine and have little-by-little been finding the things we need to make our home more functional.  After picking up a desk at someone’s house, we […]
  5. Great love this Advent Prayer for the Week of July 13 — A Thousand Tiny Things - The challenges of life can be really huge. Or at least they can seem so. So much is really out of our control. We can organize, prioritize, strategize, implement, reorganize and try to make our little corner of the universe as tidy as we possibly can.  Then the weather changes. Things shift. Jobs change. People […]
  6. Insane. Let's not be. Christmas in July - [This post contains affiliate links. Shopping through affiliate links will not cost you a penny more, but we may make a little commission. And that keeps this blog running for the two families who love to write it. Thank you.] At the time I am writing this we are 165 days, 1 hour, 44 minutes […]
  7. 1381640_846217208734101_5100124143874512547_n Prayer for week of July 6 — Finding Jesus - Every Monday Kristina and I have been connecting via Skype and praying the Joyful Mysteries.  We offer our prayer time mostly for our husbands and children.  In the fifth mystery, we meditate on Mary and Joseph finding Jesus in the temple. Imagine that for a moment. Jesus is with them. But, then He’s not. And […]
  8. Food Talk Five Phrases That Should Be Banished For Our Food Talk - We are food bloggers. We get it. Sometimes it can become challenging to find just the right words to describe the amazing deliciousness of a recipe you’ve tried or created.  I mean, you really want people to take your word for it and try it for themselves.  Amid all the food talk online you don’t […]