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  1. Making Home Making Home: Katie–Part I - (We believe in Home-Centered Living.  We believe it’s good for women, men, children, society, the earth. This post is part of an on-going series we are calling, “Making Home” looking at the diverse lives of homemakers and those striving to live Home-Centered Lives. ) We met Katie a year ago online. It was providential. Our hearts immediately […]
  2. Purim Need A Hero? - Tomorrow begins the Feast of Purim! Do you know this story? Does it thrill your heart and make you want to shout and do a happy dance? It’s a story of redemption, love over-coming, girl-power, feminine strength and beauty, courage, and so much more. And let’s face it, it’s just plain fun! There are (at […]
  3. Humility Prayer for Week of March 30 — Swim Down - I came across some old sermon notes and found this phrase from a retreat with Anne Stock. “The devil is drowning man and hates humility. We can get free if we are willing to swim down and away.” Now that’s a good word, right there. The Litany of Humility O Jesus! meek and humble of […]
  4. Breakfast Salads Salad For Breakfast? Three salads that will jump-start your day! - Does breakfast ever get a little boring at your house? The same oatmeal or smoothie or scrambled eggs? Need a fresh idea? I have been trying to include vegetables and/or fresh fruit at every meal.  Breakfast can be a challenge on the vegetable front. We don’t usually think of veggies at breakfast unless it’s a […]
  5. Longing Prayer for the week of February 23 — The Spirit And The Bride Say Come - I don’t know about you, but the season of Lent always increases my longing for Jesus. In church two Sundays ago, I wept. The longing. The hunger. The thirst. I was talking to my pastor about it and he comforted me with the following: When Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples, you have […]
  6. Family Devotions Family Devotions You Can Do! - It goes like this…. You get inspired to have more meaningful family times, including family devotions.  So, you call all your kids to the living room and hand Daddy the Bible.  He starts at the beginning or picks some random spot.  The New Testament is good place to start, right?  He starts reading, the kids […]
  7. What's the deal with Lent? What’s the deal with Lent anyway? - Here we are again. Lent. Lent, means forty. Moses was forty days on Sinai with the Lord. Jonah preached repentance to Nineveh for forty days. Ezekiel laid on his side for forty days, prophesying to God’s people about their sins. Elijah was forty days without food or water on Mount Horeb. Jesus had forty days […]
  8. count your blessing pic monkey Count Your Blessings in the Storm - Hello this is Anna and Alyssa, daughters of Kristina. Our mom is not feeling well right now and so she asked us to write this post for her. We both know how hard it is to be grateful when you are sick.  It feels like everywhere we look, left or right, everybody either is sick; […]