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  1. bracelets1 Launch of Something Beautiful - Our good friend Rebecca is an AMAZING woman!  Having dealt with the long road of auto-immune disease she has fought valiantly for her life.  Not only fighting to survive but learning to thrive, taking back her life and finding joy in the midst of it all.  She is an inspiration and we are thrilled to […]
  2. Follow Me Prayer for the Week Aug 24 – Follow Me - Follow me.  That’s what Jesus said to each of his disciples, calling them to give up the life they knew for a life unexpected.  A path less taken and often difficult, but never dull. Jesus’ call is rarely easy.  Think about the rich young ruler who wanted to follow him. And a ruler asked him, […]
  3. Back To School Back To School Like A Boss - Whether your kids go to school or whether they “do school” (you know, only homeschoolers say “do school”) this time of year is sort of exciting and stressful and makes you want to order a pumpkin spice latte to drink while perusing school supplies. I love me some new school supplies. Nothing says happiness like […]
  4. Breathe Beautiful Prayer For The Week of August 17– Just Breathe - {This post contains an affiliate link.} There are days when I just come back to this.  There’s nothing else sometimes but this: Please don’t cry. Don’t let those tears roll down your face. Oh, unless their tears of happiness, Then it’s alright with me. Just do your best. Don’t worry about the fear of loneliness. […]
  5. Creative and Contented title photo (1) Always Enough - Today we are blessed to be guest posting over at Ordinary Lovely.  Theresa is doing a series all week on Large Families in Small Houses.  Creative and Contented! There are some very gifted and lovely ladies posting all week there about how they make it work–practically, spiritually, emotionally! It’s going to be great!  Whether you […]
  6. Jesus Prayer for the Week Aug 10 – Let Me See Only Jesus - As a Christian I’ve heard over and over how we are to keep our eyes on Jesus despite our circumstances.  I agree.  But it’s sometimes difficult to even recognize when our eyes are losing focus on the One who matters most.  It’s the little things that distract and interfere with our concentration.  Not to mention […]
  7. Prayers Ascending Prayer for the Week of August 3 — Pray For Your Spouse’s Faith - I sense that many of our readers struggle as they work out their faith (with fear and trembling) and allowing their spouse to do the same.  Some of you may longingly wish that you had a spouse who did family devotions or attended church with you, but your spouse may seem to be on an […]
  8. Breastfeeding World Breastfeeding Week! - Today begins World Breastfeeding Week! We are big fans of breastfeeding. You know, because we are human and all.  (Sort of like saying, “World Oxygen Week. We are big fans of breathing!”) How big a fan, you ask? Let’s see….I have been breastfeeding for over 14 years…..straight.  I have eight children (pregnant with number nine) […]