Daja’s Meal Plans For August

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This month is a little different.  Well, a lot different, actually.  See, my kids (except the baby, who is too young to go on holiday) are visiting their grandparents for a whole week!  That week is also my 12th wedding anniversary!  So, it’s a week of free days!  Yes, I’m cooking, but it’s not exactly planned.  It’s whatever we feel like eating.  Romantic food.  Special food.  Things we eat by candlelight or in our pajamas watching old movies.  We may even throw caution to the wind and go out to dinner!  LOL!

I’ve been faithfully menu planning and once a month shopping for six months now!  So, to have all this freedom might turn me into a crazy woman in the kitchen!  Budget beware!  LOL!  But some things are worth celebrating!

The “x2” you see on some meals indicates meals that I am doubling to put in the freezer.

  1. The recipe is posted! ENJOY!!!!!!

  2. Oooh Whats in the raw vegan soup??? I want some. lol

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