April Goals

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We have many new readers in The Provision Room!  So, let’s start by explaining our philosophy: BABY STEPS!
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So many blogs about preparedness and homemaking are OVERWHELMING!  At least for us.  There is so much to think about that we are just about paralyzed and do nothing.  So, we take our preparedness in BABY STEPS.  Every month we set small, manageable goals.  There’s no chance for failure with our plan.  The steps to preparedness are so little that they can easily be done in a month.  We can tell you from experience, in the last year we’ve gone from barely prepared for a brief power-outage to prepared with abundant pantries, safes, generators, gardens thriving and so much more.  Everything in BABY STEPS.  And everything WITHIN BUDGET!  (*high fives with our husbands!*)

And we always set one “BIG GIRL” step each month.  One larger project that needs our attention.  We share all these goals with you at the beginning of the month, 1) to keep ourselves accountable and 2) to hopefully inspire you to join us on the road to being READY FOR LIFE’S HAPPENINGS!


1. Take our cooking vacation.  This is the little break we give ourselves every three months and we eat from our stored meals.

2. Continue doubling meals twice a week to stock the freezer.

3. Investigate a local canning kitchen before the Spring and Summer produce is in full swing.


Have our Spring Gardens fully put in!  This is the time of year we amend our soil if needed, put in the seedlings we’ve started indoors, the direct sow seeds and any plants we’ve picked up.  Check out Kristina’s ebook on raised bed gardening here: Three Easy Steps To Raised Beds.  If you are a novice gardener, this is a no-nonsense approach that is so easy, I bet your kids could handle it as a school project on their own!

Here’s a little encouragement, especially for our readers from Vicki West of Homestead Blessings!  You can do it!

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  1. I love reading your Blog and checking out the articles on your site.
    Linda Nelson

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