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Did you know that babies need chiropractic care, too?

Birth itself can cause subluxations in a baby’s spine. (When any of the 24 movable parts–vertebrae–in the spine become misaligned thereby compressing some part of the nervous system, chiropractors call it a subluxation.) Thankfully, we have gentle natural births, but just imagine the trauma if your baby had a forceps or vacuum extraction birth?! Dr. Towbin, of Harvard Medical School, found that 85% of SIDS is a direct result of trauma to an infant’s spine during birth! In addition, a German specialist, Dr. Gutmann, found that 80% of children have a subluxation in the upper part of the neck.

These subluxations have many effects which can be seen in infants such as colic, frequent ear infections, trouble sleeping, etc. Left uncorrected it can lead to trouble in childhood such as bed wetting, “growing pains”, allergies, hyperactivity, etc. And still left uncorrected problems can manifest in adulthood as well, such as headaches, painful menstruation, digestive troubles, etc. So, even if your back doesn’t hurt, you may be misaligned!

The immune system is closely linked to the nervous system (which is your spine!). Dr. Stephen Marini, who is an immunologist with the Center for Disease Control and also a chiropractor says that the immune system is like a “circulatory nervous system.” He feels that most diseases children get are the result of the improper functioning of that system.

We are blessed with a chiropractor in the family!

We are blessed with a chiropractor in the family!

We have our babies adjusted right after birth. Chiropractors who adjust babies are so very gentle and the baby doesn’t mind it a bit!

For more on the safety and effectiveness of Chiropractic care for children, click here.

Other things you can do to help your child’s spine to develop properly:

  • Avoid diapers that are too tight which do not allow proper hip movement and development.
  • Avoid “Jolly Jumpers” and walkers which cause gravitational stress on the spine long before the muscles are ready to support the spine.
  • Let your baby have lots of tummy time. The “back to sleep” campaign has really made it so babies are not put on their stomachs enough, so they are not developing strong neck muscles and the natural curve of their spine.
  • Use your car seat for riding the car, not as a handy way to keep your child out of trouble or to carry them around while shopping. (Wear your baby instead!)

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  1. Joel Correa - August 20, 2013

    Yes! I have been teaching this to all my practice members. It is a must for all my diaper changing parents out there. Check out the video

    • Thanks! We’ll share this on Facebook and Pin it to our Provision Room board!

    • Gabrielle - August 21, 2013

      Thanks for sharing that!
      I’ve never felt “right” about doing the leg lift for diaper changes, and I’m glad to know a better way. Shared the link with my family chiro 🙂

  2. THE Bombshell* - August 20, 2013

    Joel should share with you the danger of the common diaper change that causes a lot of trauma to the developing baby spine. Another chiropractor dad “discovered” it in his own children.

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