Kristina’s Classroom Redo

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As part of our August goals Daja and I set out to clean up our classrooms.  Most of you probably know we each homeschool our children and like the kitchen, the classroom is the heart of our home.  It has to function well.  That doesn’t mean it’s always neat and tidy, ’cause well that would mean we’re not actually living in them, but they have to be well thought out spaces for us to get some serious learning done.  Every once in awhile that means you have to seriously clean it out and start over.

The first order of business was to take some pictures of the before.  (I can’t believe I’m actually going to share this!)




The real reason this became such a BIG job was really because the girls had outgrown their desks.  They needed new ones, but if we got them new desks we had to rearrange the furniture so that everything would fit.  If we had to rearrange the furniture that meant the furniture had to be emptied.  If the furniture had to be emptied and moved then I wanted to get rid of the the ugly white walls.  Did ya follow?

This is what it looks like when your classroom vomits into your living room.


Who says I have too many books?????

Who says I have too many books?????

The first order of business was to paint the walls.

Let the painting begin!

Let the painting begin!

For the girls’ desks, I recycled an old desk we already had and found a second one from our favorite thrift store.  Storage was also a problem so I found two new bookcases and an old filing cabinet at the thrift store as well.  The best part I got it all for less than $100!!  That being said, the desk I bought was pretty banged up and needed some tender-lovin’ care, but I knew it wasn’t anything the Super Engineer Husband couldn’t fix!

The file cabinet and broken down bottom half of the new desk.

The file cabinet and broken down bottom half of the new desk.

Here's the desk after the Super Engineer Husband spent some time on it.

Here’s the desk after the Super Engineer Husband spent some time on it.

Our next step was to paint all the new-to-us furniture and our recycled desk.  I chose a creamy-white that matches the trim in the house.

The girls were so helpful in getting the painting done!  In truth they did most of it!

The girls were so helpful in getting the furniture painting done! In truth, they did most of it!

And now here is the BIG reveal!!  A coat of paint on the walls and on the furniture and suddenly we have a whole new room!


We bought whiteboard from Home Depot for less than $15 to use as our dry erase board.  This is one of the new bookcases.  We’ve more than tripled our storage!!


The beat up desk looks new and beautiful after a coat of paint!  You can also see the file cabinet was painted to match the rest of the furniture.


Here is the desk that we had previously used as an art table —- translate flat surface to pile things on!  It also got a new coat of paint.


And this is my corner of the room.  It is so nice to have my own space within the classroom!!  Two things to notice, first the new curtains.  I bought them online for $7 per panel.  I needed four panels.  Second, the other little white bookcase.  It fits just perfectly under the lip of my desk.

This has been a great project even if it was a ton of work!  The girls and I did most of it on our own with Jordan fixing the desk and helping with some of the heavier lifting.  It took us one week start to finish and cost right about $200.

Now we’re prepared for school!

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  1. I just LOVE the colour scheme you chose and those curtains are just awesome. It looks so warm and inviting 🙂

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  2. Natalie - August 30, 2013

    Looks great!!

  3. Not unbelievable because you have pics to prove it!! So beautiful and inspiring…for those other creative, resourceful and determined mommies out there 🙂

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