10 Day Give: DAY SIX

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I just finished an evening of classic movies with my daughters.  What a treat!

Film Critique

Do you love movies?  Classic, new, foreign, blockbusters, musicals?  What gets you to the theater?  What’s on your Netflix Queue?

Movies tell stories, shape worldviews, challenge embedded ideas, inspire creativity.  But not all of it is lovely.  Let’s be honest.  So, it’s worth it to teach our children to be conscientious consumers of media.  That’s why we wrote Film Critique For Kids.  This curriculum helps prepare students to think through what they view, find the plot, conflict and message, explore each character’s role and why each is essential to the story, and along the way fine tune their discernment, learning to appreciate quality.

Film Critique Cover

We are giving a copy away for FREE!  That’s a $15 value!  Simply tell us your favorite movie in the comments and we’ll randomly select a winner!  

This curriculum is great for homeschooling, but could also be done just for fun as a family!  Watch movies and have great discussions with your children!  So what are you waiting for?  It’s 10 SIX of our 10 DAY GIVE!  Leave us a comment and perhaps win a book!

[This giveaway is now closed.]

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