10 Day Give: DAY NINE

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Congratulations to yesterday’s winner, Dorothy!!

We hope you enjoy Radical Homemakers!!

Have you missed getting in on the fun?  Is there one piece of our curriculum that you’ve been eyeing for a while but haven’t bought or tried to win during our 10 Day Give?  Well, do we have a SURPRISE for you!!  Today we are going all out and giving away a curriculum bundle!!

Spring Cleaning cover page

Slide1Film Critique Cover

That’s a $33 value!  Used as a series of unit studies this bundle will cover a year of curriculum!  You will have the opportunity to learn about Church history through the seven major revivals.  Our film critique curriculum will start your children on the path of critical thinking through film.  And finally, our Radiant curriculum will aid you in teaching the importance of preparing heart and home for the Passover and Easter seasons.

To enter to win simply leave us a comment on why you love homeschooling.

[This giveaway is now closed.]

  1. ladydorothy - October 14, 2013

    I received my book today! WooHoo! Thanks again!

  2. I love homeschooling because it has given me the opportunity to actually BE with the blessings the Lord has gifted us with. I love homeschooling because it has given me a rapport with my children that has carried through to their adulthood (the 2 who are adults so far)… and because of the close rapport I have with my adult children, it has a natural carry-through to the relationship I have with my grandchildren too. I differ with those that say it’s the “quality” of the time spent with our children & not the “quantity”. I believe that if the quantity is there & our days are spent teaching & loving & being with our children from sun-up until sun-down, the quality can’t help but be there too. I am so very fortunate & grateful to God that I have been able to experience the fruits of homeschooling, with the older children, while at the same time still homeschooling a younger one too. It bolsters me, on those days that aren’t quite so easy, with the end result that is crystal clear. God bless one & all~ Andrea XOXOXO

  3. I get to create my own schedule!

  4. amy-kate williams - October 9, 2013

    I loved homeschooling because I got to teach my daughter the fine arts of home-making…setting a proper table, making a dinner and serving it while hot, keep a home, mending clothes, adding a feminine touch to the castle, oh the list goes on. I’m not commenting for the prize (she’s 20 now!), but wanted to share why I loved home-schooling. Thanks to Bishop and Lady Abdelaziz for guiding me during that time!! SUCH a rewarding experience!!

  5. ladydorothy - October 9, 2013

    Thank you so much! I really do look forward to reading it! (always fun to be a winner!)

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