We Are The New Face Of Hippy

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OK.  So, we admit it.  Some of the stuff we do, others find a bit…fringe.  We don’t necessarily go-with-the-mainstream-flow anymore.  Marching to the beat of our own drummer?  Well, OK.  But does it follow that we are the proverbial dirty hippy?  Do we fit the stereotype?  

One or both of us:

~Doesn’t use shampoo

~Washes her face with oil and never soap

~Refuse vaccinations

~Homeschool our children

~Unschool our children

~Breastfeed, way past a year

~Oil Pull

~Make our own sunscreen, toothpaste, mouthwash

~Make our own laundry detergent and linen sprays

~Make our own bug repellent

~Use herbs, homeopathy, and nutritional healing

~Love essential oils

~Believe in the power of prayer

~Have a chiropractor for our primary care giver

~Have a home-birth midwife

~Ferment stuff in our kitchens

~March against Monsanto

~Grow our own food as much as we can

~Eat “weird” stuff and never fast food

~Upcycle things.  Reduce, reuse and recycle, baby!

~Host Farm-To-Table Dinners

Are you terrified yet?  Ready to run for the hills?  Come, sit at our table and have a cup of tea.

We are the new face of hippy!

The New Face of Hippy

  1. Great post. I am a hippy too and can’t imagine living any other way.

  2. Oh my goodness, I must be “hippy” too then lol! I We don’t vaccinate, homeschool (well co-op), just had my first homebirth, and our kids never do to an MD bc their Daddy is a chiro. Just some of the things we also do on your list! 🙂

    • Daja - May 7, 2014

      Nice to have a chiropractor in the family, isn’t it?! My brother-in-law is a chiro. We were all really grateful to my sister for marrying a chiropractor! 🙂

  3. Hippy, Crunchy, Granola — Informed Consumer? Any or all of the aforementioned means that you’re open to learning, (re)creating, and living! =)

    • Daja - May 7, 2014

      In the Netherlands the say “Goat Wool Sock” instead of Hippy or Crunchy. So we’ll all be Goat Wool Sock together! 🙂

  4. Such a great way to write this article love it!! Trish

  5. Tricia - March 20, 2014

    I recently discovered family and friends think I am “crunchy”. I thought I was just being natural.

  6. Andrea - March 9, 2014

    *hahaha* I love you gals!!

    I wish I had a picture of me & my co-op group of “hippie friends” as we were waiting for the co-op truck to arrive 25 years ago! All of us gals had long skirts on with big flowing tops… many of us were barefoot… wearing big sun hats… kids running around everywhere… mamas sitting in the backs of their pick-ups trucks, nursing their little (big) ones… all of us waiting for orders that contained 25# sacks of flour, rice, farina, powdered organic milk… talking about the latest articles we had read in ‘Practical Homeschooling’ magazine (no internet back then)… whispering about ways to avoid the truant officer when we dared take our homeschooled kids out in public during ‘school hours’.

    Ahhhhh yes… those were the good ole days & I miss them dearly. Cherish them, dear ladies, for you shall never pass this way again.

    Love you~ Andrea

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