March Meal Plans

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There is so much going on this month.  All delightful and fills us with anticipation!  God is up to so much!  Can you feel it?!

This month we have lots of feasting, which is interesting, because it’s also Lent! It all started with Fat Tuesday, which we celebrated with beignets, chicory coffee, gumbo and King’s Cake!  Then it was Ash Wednesday, a solemn day of fasting.  Very minimalist fare.  The Gombojavs had Lentils and sourdough bread.  (My 11 year old son said, “LENT-ils!  Get it?  Get it?”)  On the 15-16 is the Feast of Purim.  So, we’ll be eating Hamentashen cookies, which we have discovered can be filled with Nutella instead of fruit.  So, that’s all kinds of brilliant.  Then comes St. Patrick’s Day!  Found this recipe which I will be trying.  THEN, two days later we have St. Joseph’s Feast Day.  In the Gombojav Home we celebrate this by eating some delicious Italian food and making gifts and cards for Daddy, because Daddy is a carpenter just like Joseph!

Finally, we have two more events coming up!  First, a weekend retreat for Daughters of the King!  And then, a Kombucha Workshop at The Urban Homestead.  There is still time to register for that.  CLICK HERE!


So, without further ado, here are our menus for the month of March!

March Meal Plan

Mar-14 Meal Plan

As always, if you would like any of these recipes, you need only ask!  We’ll share them in our recipe file.  You can follow Kristina’s Lenten journey here and Daja’s journey here.

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