Radiant! Inside and Out! (You’re gonna love this!!!)

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Radiant! Inside & Out! If you’re like us one of your big parenting goals is not to succumb to commercialism.  In a perfect world holidays would truly be HOLY DAYS and not about buying more stuff to fill already overfilled toy-boxes and closets.  But, we still want holidays to be fun, right?  We want them filled with meaning and beauty and family-togetherness.  Towards that aim, we have written Radiant! Inside & Out!  This ebook helps prepare your family and home for the season of Passover and Easter.

In a child-friendly and life-affirming way, it walks you through the 10 plagues experienced by Egypt, finding God’s thread of hope, redemption and love!  Along the way you are given little bite-sized assignments to get your heart and home ready!  By connecting physical acts of work and mercy to spiritual meditations of grace and life the big picture comes together in a new and exciting way!

Radiant! Inside & Out!

Question on Day Five of Radiant!: “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”

This ebook is available in our store now!  Only $2.99!!!  Delivered to your email box in a PDF for you to print out and use with your family.  See sample pages here.

This year, make Easter about more than Bunnies and baskets!  And Passover more than a whole lot of work!  This is a season of discovery and joy.  Prepare as a family to receive a blessing!

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