Stations of the Cross For Children

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We celebrate and observe most holidays as a group with our little homeschool co-op.  We have assigned a different holiday to each child.  That child plans the events for that day (special food, lesson, videos, crafts, etc.).  This gives them practical experience with lesson planning, teaching, and public speaking.  It also takes the burden of remembering and observing all the holidays off the shoulders of the moms!  (Can we get an “Amen” for that?!)

Yesterday, being Holy Thursday, my daughter Meg planned an interactive Stations of the Cross for the group after she taught about Holy Week (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter).  She first prayed individually over each person, washing their feet and blessing them as they took their little prayer journey.  There were 15 stations set up all over our yard.  We went through them slowly, praying the prayers and doing the symbolic and prophetic acts she laid out.  It was so moving.  One of the best Holy Week activities I’ve ever participated in.

At each cross there was a “Stained Glass Window” with a prayer, which you can get here.   (Pssst.  I’m going to use the same cards to create a little pocket prayer book for when we take the children to Adoration.)

Station 1, Repenting for unkind words, tattling, coarse joking, etc.

Station One

Station Two. The cross was so heavy. Hold the cross while you pray.

Station Two.  The cross was so heavy.  Hold the cross while we pray.

Station Three. Jesus Falls. Pray on your knees.

Station 3

Station Four. Jesus meets His Mother. Take time to be thankful for your parents’ love.

Station Four.  Jesus meets His Mother.  Take time to be thankful for your parents' love.

Stations 5 and 6. Purpose to do acts of mercy and repent for the times you should have showed compassion, but didn’t.

Station 5 and 6

Station 7, Jesus falls a second time.  Pray on your hands and knees.  Station 8, Jesus meets with kind women.  Take time to express your gratefulness by writing on the cross what you are grateful for.

Stations 7 and 8

Station 9, Jesus falls a third time.  Pray on your face before Jesus.

Station 9

Station 10. Jesus’ clothes were torn from His body.  Tear a piece of this cloth and carry it with you as you pray.

Station 10

Station 11. Jesus is nailed to the cross.  Pound a nail, realizing that it was my sin that nailed Him there.

Station 11

Station 12.  To remember the hours between 12 and 3 that Jesus hung on the cross, sit in silence for three full minutes.

Station 12

Station 13. Mary and the Disciples remove Jesus from the cross.  Pull out a nail from this board and remember.

Station 14. You are crucified and buried with Him.  Symbolically bury your name with Jesus.

Station 13 and 14

Station 15.  Tear a piece of black cloth from this cross, remembering that Jesus didn’t stay dead!  Take a stone to carry with you this Holy Week to remember that the stone was rolled away and we have a Risen Christ!

Station 15

“Keep your eyes on the crucifix, for Jesus without the cross is a man without a mission, and the cross without Jesus is a burden without a reliever.” (Bishop Fulton Sheen)

God bless your Holy Week and Easter!  May you know the depth of God’s love for you!  It’s immeasurable.  May your excitement and joy be likewise immeasurable on Sunday morning, as you shout HE IS RISEN!

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  1. I am without words that can convey what I feel.  Meggy, may you always follow hard after Jesus; you’re definitely off to an awesome beginning!  I wish I could have experienced your Stations off the Cross as you did such an amazing job.  I’m assuming you got an A+.  <3

    • Thanks Nana. I’m glad you like it. It actually took about 2 days! I love you. Bye.

  2. Serena Abdelaziz - April 18, 2014

    Wow, just wow!!  That is so awesome, touching, and beautiful. Great job, Meg!  You see the heart of the Father, and you expressed it so beautifully with your celebration of this Holy Week.  Loved reading about it. 

    • Thank you, Auntie Phena. I was kind of wondering what people would think about it. I’m happy that you liked it. –Meg

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