Food Revolution Day Recap

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This is our third year celebrating Food Revolution Day!  The first year we we hosted a Farm-To-Table dinner with local pastors.  See pictures!  Last year we asked all of you to submit your best veggie recipes, then we had a tasting party and the result was our favorite little cookbook: All Things Veg!  Buy it here!  This year, we teamed up with The Urban Homestead for a celebration of real, local, organic, and healthy food! We asked parents and kids to join us for a cooking class.  We flipped the script on their favorite convenience foods!  Instead of processed and from a box or the freezer section, we made them from scratch–simple, fun, cheap, delicious and doable!


Popcorn that packed a nutritional punch!  Smoothies that were so much more than sugary drinks! Ranch dressing you’d actually encourage your kids to pour on all their veggies!  Mac-n-Cheese that rocked! And pizza that was wholesome and mouth-watering delicious!


To show how really easy it is to prepare these foods from scratch rather than buying them pre-made and packaged at the store, we had our daughters (Anna–13 years old, Meg–12 years old, and Alyssa–11 years old) demonstrate all the recipes!  The result was an informative and fun class for the whole family!  You really can get your kids in the kitchen cooking.  Meal preparation can be so much more than a burden.  It can be a joy and an activity that brings your family together.


  • Children today are the first generation predicted to live shorter lives than their parents because of diet and inactivity.
  • Worldwide, there are already more than 43 million children under the age of five who are either overweight or obese. If this continues, the figure will rise to nearly 60 million by 2020.
  • Type-2 diabetes, previously considered a disease specific only to adults, is now becoming prevalent in children as young as eight years old.
  • Diet-related illnesses, which include type-2 diabetes, heart failure and stroke, are among the world’s biggest killers.
  • Overweight or obese children are a lot more likely to remain overweight or obese as adults, increasing their risk of disease and disability later in life. (source)


We played a little came based on Red Light, Green Light, borrowed from this blog.  We explained how some foods are Green Light foods.  You can eat as many of them as you want.  They give you lots of vitamins, minerals, energy, etc.  These foods are things like broccoli, apples, carrots, lettuce, bananas, etc.  Some foods are Yellow Light foods.  They are good for us, but we only need some and not necessarily a lot to keep us healthy.  These are foods like bread, rice, potatoes, etc.  Then there are Red Light foods.  These are foods that don’t offer us a lot of nutrition so should only be eaten on special occasions.  These foods are things like cake, ice cream, bottled juice, etc.  When we called out a Green Light food they had to run.  When we called out a Yellow Light food they had to walk.  And when we called out a Red Light food they had to stand still.  It was great fun!  One of the moms told us that later her son taught the game to some students at UCLA and he had them all playing Red Light, Green Light food!  YES!!!!  Children are spreading the Food Revolution!!!


Research shows:

  • Children who learn to cook are more likely to make healthier food choices, have better diets and understand how food affects their bodies.

  • Children who eat nutritious meals at lunchtime perform better academically and are less likely to take days off school.

  •  Improving diet and increasing physical activity are more effective than taking medication in reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes.

  • Home-cooked meals do not contain any unknown additives or fillers and are often higher in nutrients, lower in trans-fats, saturated fats, sodium and calories. (source)

We believe that eating healthy is part of a happy and healthy home-life.  It’s something that should involve the whole family!  We encourage you to make meal planning, meal prep, serving, gardening, and even clean-up a family affair.  Let the Food Revolution start at home!!!  Here are some links that you may find helpful!  Want all these links in one handy place?  PIN IT!

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OUR RECIPE FILE (We’re always happy to post recipes requesting by YOU!  So, let us know what you want to see!)

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