Happy Pentecost! Happy Shavuot!

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Today through Sunday are very special days for Jews and Christians.  Today is Shavuot which celebrates the giving of the Law to Moses.  But, it is also the day when the Holy Spirit descended like tongues of fire on the disciples and Mary in the Upper Room!  That day is called Pentecost (which means fifty), because it is 50 days from Passover or Easter (depending on how you’re counting!) and is celebrated in churches all over the world on this coming Sunday: Pentecost Sunday!

We are guest posting over at Vintage Faith : Modern World!  First….Here are 10 fun ways to celebrate Pentecost with your kids!

10 Ways to Celebrate Shavuot With Your Children

Next, we have a special treat for you!  A recipe you do not want to miss!  It’s traditional on Shavuot to eat lots of cheesy goodness.  One explanation is because the Word of God is like pure milk to nourish us body and soul.  Click on over to Vintage Faith for a Fried Feta for Shavuot.


  1. Christianna - June 4, 2014

    Thank you for this post! Brings joy and affirmation to celebrate the Feasts in our home. You are a blessing Provision Room! 

  2. Christianna - June 4, 2014

    Thank You.  This blesses me so much. We are running to doing this. Thought it was just me to be celebrating the Feasts so when I saw thi just brought me tears of joy. Thank you being beautiful example to me …God is using you to bless others and inspire them. Keep it up. Mom’s inspiring Mom’s! Yay Jesus! I needed this

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