Meal Plans For June

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Daja:  It’s June!  Time for grillin’ and chillin’.  Time to go on lots of picnics and spend long days on the beach!  And we’ve got lots of special days this month.  We will celebrate the feast of Pentecost (called Shavuot in Hebrew) on June 4 by staying up all night, studying Scripture and eating cheesecake.  (What kind of cool holiday is that?!)  Then my son who is a brown sash in Kung Fu is competing in a championship competition.  So, I’ve planned his favorite meal for when he gets back.  Whether he wins or not, we are going to celebrate his accomplishment!  He’s been training so hard.  Then we have Father’s Day.  So, we’ll probably be making a bunch of Mongolian food for my husband.  It’s his soul food.  Then my mother-in-law arrives from Mongolia!  This is her first trip to the United States and so we are super excited.  Going to make a super traditional American meal: Fried Chicken, potatoes, salad, apple or cherry pie.  And then my oldest turns 13!  A special day she’ll get to celebrate with her grandmother!

June Menu

There are also a bunch of feasts days in June.  June 3, St. John XXIII, recently canonized.  June 22, St. Thomas More, patron of religious freedom.  June 29, St. Peter, Disciple of Christ and First Pope.  Of course there are tons more, but these are the ones we will strive to remember in June.  We use these days to teach our children to be bold witnesses for Jesus and to live their lives as saints.  It may not always be a big celebration.  But a remembrance, a prayer, stories.


It is definitely time to be outdoors and let the pace of life s-l-o-w for summer.  From this point on I will primarily be cooking in my outdoor kitchen area.  It’s nothing fancy but we have a grill with a side burner and a little granite counter my husband made for me to work on.  It’s a lovely spot over looking our garden.  That’s where you’ll find me.

Jun-14 Meal Plan



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