Getting Kicked Out Of The Crunchy Club

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At our workshops, Kristina and I always try to introduce ourselves differently.  Sometimes we introduce each other.  Sometimes we tell embarrassing stories and tattle on each others’ “crunchiness.”  We blogged about all our fringy-hippyness here on The New Face of Hippy.  It was recently asked by a reader on Facebook: ” tell us something that you do in your home that is NOT holisitic/healthy/sustainable? What’s your kryptonite?”  Well, OK…you can file this post under KEEPIN’ IT REAL!

Keeping It Real

One or both of us:

~Takes way too long and too hot of showers.

~Colors her hair, and not with the henna stuff either.

~Throws the food rules out the window when we go camping.  Bring on the cereal, prepackaged pastries, and marshmallows!

~Uses Kleenex (in every room of the house) and not a handkerchief.

~Has yet to convert her husband from the use of Tylenol for headaches.

~Drives an 11 passenger SUV that gets about .89 MPG if there’s not a headwind.

~Shudders at the idea of placental encapsulation and family cloth. (More power to ya, if you can do it!)

~Has been known to buy whipped cream in a can and spray it in the kids’ mouths.

~Still prefers bleach for bath tub and kitchen sink cleaning.

~Has been known to on occasion use the NASTY & TOXIC oven cleaner to get a pot clean.

~Has a bathtub the size of a small jacuzzi and loves filling it to the top for long soaks.

~Doesn’t use reusable ink cartridges for the printer.

~Absolutely, under no circumstance go completely paperless and just doesn’t understand the point of electronic reading devices.

~Still talks on the cell phone and yes, up next to her ear.

~Doesn’t make her own bread.

~Still wears conventional make-up, although has toyed with the idea of making her own mascara, it never got passed the idea phase.

~The first criteria of wine purchases is not whether or not it’s organic.

~Bleached and then dyed her daughter’s hair hot pink.

~Pays a landscaper.

~Uses white rice and unbleached (organic) white flour.

~After teaching a workshop on traditional foods, we may or may not have an unofficial tradition of In-N-Out and animal style fries.

The point is, we are all in process.  None of us are perfect. No one has a corner on the crunchy market.  We try to do everything we can and to always be doing better.  But, we will never “arrive” because as soon as we do, we’ll learn something new and amazing and perhaps even terrifying and we’ll re-evaluate and adjust.  It’s called life.

One of our pastors says, “Disapproval is the worst motivator.” (Pastor Karl Malouff)

So don’t ever let someone make you feel shame if you gave your kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on store-bought bread last night for dinner or if you reached for the Neosporin rather than the homemade lavender-calendula balm the last time you got a cut.   Perhaps you don’t run around with homeopathic vials in your purse and you’ve never used a netti-pot and you think Berkenstocks are the ugliest shoes known to the modern world (with Crocs being a close second).  It’s OK.  It really is.  We always say BABY STEPS.  We give ourselves grace for baby steps and insist that you take baby steps, too.  Let’s be honest, sometimes a baby step takes some serious big girl panties.  If someone tries to strike up a Mommy-war with you, you just send ’em our way.  We got your back.

Do you consider yourself crunchy?  What’s your un-crunchiest habit you haven’t yet given up? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS!

  1. I love Rockstar energy drinks. I can’t help it. They’re delicious. All those chemicals are yummy in my tummy, lol.

  2. Robin-Taine - June 20, 2014

    Oh, I am so not crunchy compared to so many. Thank you for keeping it real! My biggest non-crunchy guilt is cold cereal. As a working mom who is out of the house before my kids several mornings a week, cold cereal is the most practical thing to have on hand. EEK! I also wear regular store makeup and personal products.

    • Daja - June 20, 2014

      I actually really like cereal. But not for breakfast. It never lasts until lunch. I’m starving by 10. But, for a late night snack, it’s so fun!

      • Robin-Taine - June 20, 2014

        Happen to love me a bowl of Shreddies for a late night snack. Although that might be a Canadian thing!

  3. Couldn’t agree more! That’s actually why I chose my
    Blog name as The Real Mama…because not everything crunchy is practical. I bought my kids Lunchables today and they squealed with delight. I wanted to cry, but they were happy. And then I kept shopping. At Target. For Ziplocs and cheap bar soap for my hubby who thinks I’m a crazy hippy and wants his Dove. Amen sisters. Rock that store-bought mascara and SUV!!!

  4. Two things pop into my head (I’m sure there’s a bunch more.):  Ziploc bags and the microwave.  And I don’t have plans to quit either of those.  😉

  5. Serena Abdelaziz - June 20, 2014

    Oh, my….I really liked this post. I have a lot of people who think I am crunchy, however, I would not consider myself crunchy in comparison to the crunchy people I know. I always get a raised eyebrow when I say seven children is not a lot because I know a lot of big families. All of that to say I do a lot of crunchy things, but I have a lot of stuff that I do very wrong….including wearing anti-perspirant. (Although I have been buying and testing natural brands, my daughter uses the natural stuff…..I finally found one that didn’t leave me stinky, but it gave me a rash!) 

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