Prayer for the Week July 7 – Nourishing Heart and Body

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A mom has many tools in her tool belt. Hugs and kisses probably rank the highest for soothing away cuts and bruises of both the physical and spiritual sort. Eyes – moms seem to have more eyes in their heads then any other creature on earth! Another especially useful tool is the ability to see into the future and anticipate what will happen next. Come on you know what I’m talking about!

Anna Paints Herself

Perhaps some of the most easily overlooked tools are her kitchen tools. Their just too mundane to be anything really special, right? After all, with families running here and there from school to practices and play groups how could anything found in the kitchen be that important? Look at all the advertising dollars spent on telling families that mom’s time is more valuable spent outside of the kitchen. But let’s pause.

Close your eyes and think about your favorite meals growing up. Was there one favorite dish that as soon as you entered the house and your nose caught the aroma, your tastebuds immediately started to do the happy dance? As you grew older and left your mother’s kitchen for your own, did you hold onto the delight you had in those comfort foods? We bet you did whether it was from mom’s kitchen, or grandma’s kitchen or even your neighbors kitchen some of your earliest emotional memories are probably tied to food. How easy it is to forget food is emotional.

Screenshot -White Shortened Logo - Teal backgroundOur lowly and oft overlooked kitchen tools, when used lovingly, help nourish the hearts and bodies of our families. They help us build a foundation of love on which our children will grow.

Beautiful mommies, we’re not suggesting everyone has to be just like us and spend hours in the kitchen. We understand that might just be your worst nightmare! And we are certainly not trying to add to your already busy schedule, but what if you got those simple kitchen tools out and dusted them off just once in a while and made some nourishing memories with the ones you love? We don’t think you will regret. We actually believe if you ask, God will be faithful to give you the grace to touch your family this way.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Mathew 7:7

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