Making Home: Bethany

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(We believe in Home-Centered Living.  We believe it’s good for women, men, children, society, the earth. This post is part of an on-going series we are calling, “Making Home” looking at the lives of homemakers and those striving to live Home-Centered Lives. )

Making Home

Two Summers ago, while we were at the Reformation of Food and The Family Conference in San Antonio, we were pleased to meet a young woman by the name of Bethany.  We exchanged contact information and have since become friends via the blog and Facebook.  She’s even guest posted for us a while ago!  When we started this “Making Home” series we knew wanted to include her.  She is a newlywed, a farmer, a photographer and food blogger and a joyful homemaker.  We know you will love her as much as we do!

The Provision Room: Welcome to the blog, Bethany.  Our first burning question for you is, did you always know you wanted to be a homemaker?

Bethany: Yes, I did. Growing up, of course, you dream of being so many things but it was always the center of my dreams.

Making Home: Bethany

The Provision Room: Who were your examples/role models?

Bethany: My mother was the perfect example. She taught us to be cheerful in our work, how to practically make the home beautiful during every day life, and so much more.

The Provision Room: You’re newly married. How did you prepare for your role as a full-time homemaker?

Bethany: My mother, like I above mentioned, taught me many of the lessons that prepared me to become a helpmeet to my husband. She also encouraged us to look at other godly examples in the Word and in our relationships with friends. We would talk often of how we can improve what we are doing in the home and for my father. By always looking to improve and grow it has helped me do the same in my marriage and life at home.

Making Home: Bethany


The Provision Room: Our society encourages young people to pursue college and career before marriage and family. Have you faced any of that pressure and how did you approach/deal with it?

Bethany: I think it is important for young people to be well-educated. My parents made the rule that as long as we were living at home that we had to continue learning. It could be anything from veterinary medicine to computer programing. They simply wanted us to continue learning useful tools and pursuing things we were passionate about. I did not feel the need to go to college to learn more about the things I was passionate about. The Lord opened doors for me to apprentice under people when I wanted to learn a new skill and there is a bountiful amount of books that one can read if they enjoy learning that way. I did not feel as much “pressure” as some do mainly because I was already working a full-time job at home for my father’s business. When the subject came up it was good to hear others’ opinions but I was also able to share mine, which made for some great conversations.

The Provision Room: We are sure that is true! Would have loved to hear you in those conversations.  We’re sure you could hold your own! People often (wrongly) assume that if a woman doesn’t have small children to tend to that there is nothing for her to do in the home and that she should be employed outside her home. Can you give our readers a glimpse into what fills your day?

Bethany: Being newly married, I can see how one could easily think that there would not be much to do. There is plenty to do to make the home lovely and also invest in my husband. I absolutely love his work, it feels more like play. I suppose that is one of the best parts about marrying a farmer. Since there are no children to tend to, like you mentioned, it allows me to spend time working on our home. We are currently remodeling and there are plenty of odd little projects that I can do to keep busy. Mostly, I enjoy working with my husband though. Riding on the tractor, planting cucumbers, helping lay hoops to keep the squash warm in the early spring, etc. These are all fun and normal projects that we get to do together and often fills my day. My husband loves helping around the home as well so we will do dishes together as we talk about the farm and orchards or about what remodeling projects we will be doing next in our home.

 Making Home: Bethany

The Provision Room: You’ve painted a really lovely picture for us, Bethany!  Lastly, can you give a bit of advice to the young person planning for his or her future and desires a home-centered life?

Bethany: Be patient and diligent in today. Savor each moment, seize the opportunity to learn and grow.

The Provision Room: Such great advice and pearls of wisdom!  Thank you, Bethany, for taking part in our interview series!  Readers, if you would like to get a further glimpse into the life of Bethany and her farm, check out their website here.

  1. I just clicked over to her blog and realized that I know of her, or actually Andrew’s family knows her husband’s family. 

  2. Great interview!  The fact that she is a farmers wife makes it especially interesting to me.  I would be interested in learning more.  What kind of farm do they have?  How many acres?  Any employees?  How does Bethany balance working with her husband on the farm with keeping the home(something I struggle with)? Thanks for the interview! 

    • Daja - July 23, 2014

      I figured you must know them or know of them. Azure Standard is fairly well-known. 🙂 Hey, maybe you’d be up for an interview? Send us an email!!!

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