In Defense of Emotional Eating

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“Our relationship with nourishment started in the womb where our needs were consistently met. We were neither hungry nor thirsty nor cold nor in want.  Our relationship with hunger arrived at the same time as our relationship with separation and need.  The need for nourishment and comfort was met the same way: breastfeeding.  A baby’s social interaction and psychological development cannot be separated from his food supply.  That right there is the foundation of each and every  individual’s relationship with food.”

In Defense of Emotional EatingWe are honored and excited to be guest posting today over at Nourished Kitchen!  We are talking about our emotional attachments to foods and why we believe that comfort foods are a good thing!  Come on over and get a little encouragement to eat for emotional reasons and to eat well!  For those of us who want our cake and to eat it, too, it’s the best news you’ll read all day!

Go check it out!

  1. Love it and never thought about emotional eating in this light. Thank you.

  2. Great post! 

  3. Great article, ladies! It really resonated with me – and made me feel better about forcing my husband to eat ice cream with me at 10:30pm… 😉

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