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One of the workshops we offer is called Loving Yourself Well.  It’s where we impart our hearts to women about taking care of themselves well–body, soul, and spirit.  We talk about natural healing, herbs, nourishing foods, sacred pauses, Sabbaths and shalom.  It’s beautiful and refreshing.  We sip tea and eat scones.  We laugh and share experiences and learn from one another.  But, we know that you all can’t make it to this workshop.  So, here’s what we’ve done–at the request of one of you!–condensed our 3 hour workshop into an e-book!

We want you to learn to love yourself well.  If Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we think we should be pretty skilled at treating ourselves well!

Loving Yourself Well

This full-color 29 page ebook is jammed FULL of our best home remedies, tinctures, and tonics. Learn to build a foundation of wellness and joy in your life.  Learn what we do to honor our bodies and our souls.

What does a healthy routine look like?

What is Vintage Immune Support?

How can you improve your sleep and peace of mind?

What’s the difference between an infusion, a decoction, and a tincture?

Which herbs and essential oils are essential for daily use?

Loving Yourself Well Ebook!

Do you feel like using herbs, food, teas, and relaxation is a complicated world all its own?  Perhaps you just don’t know where to start.  Perhaps you already use natural remedies, but are looking for a handy reference, easy to use?  THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!  Handy, easy, mom-tested!  What makes this book different?  We believe in taking care of the whole person.  It’s not just a book of how to treat your ailments, but about how to live life to the fullest.

This book, normally priced $10, is available for 50% off THIS WEEK ONLY!  (GET IT HERE!)

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  1. Sounds like a really good book!

  2. This looks amazing. So many people struggle with self-care.

  3. Just subscribed! I need inspiration! Looking forward to learning a lot. 


  4. One way I take care of myself is getting lots of rest (until the new baby comes anyway).

  5. Nothing is more important than self care!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! Loving myself is something that I really need to work on, and this book looks like it would be a lovely addition to my self education.

  7. I will be referencing this as a resource for some of my clients. Thanks!

  8. sounds like a great book

  9. Great resource!

  10. One way I ‘take care of myself’ is by making my kids take a 2-hour “nap” in the afternoon so that I can rest! 🙂

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