Preparing for My Coming of Age Party

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AlyssaAs part of our series on Parenting Our Children into Adulthood, Kristina’s youngest daughter, Alyssa (age 11,) is sharing how she is preparing for her coming of age party or bat-mitzvah.  In our families we celebrate the arrival of each of our children into the community of adulthood.  It is important for us to recognize their transition from child to adult and we do it with a formal celebration that includes an evening of blessings, scripture reading and of course, great food!  But before we get to the fun of the evening we have to prepare.  Preparations include Bible study, learning about the saints, and memorization of scripture.  For each child the process is slightly different, but the point is for a solid foundation of faith to be developed.

Alyssa ~ One of the reasons my mom and dad have me prepare is so that I know why I am having a bat-mitzvah, also so I learn more about God.

As part of my preparations I am studying catechism and learning about the saints.  I think it is important to learn about the saints so that I have a better understanding of them and because it is a lot better to look up to a saint then it is to look up to a singer or a movie star, like most girls my age.  I think it is amazing what the saints did for God!

My favorite saint is St. Therese.  She was a lot like me (I sometimes have a bad temper, too) and I love the Little Way that she taught about.  I have learned about her Little Way and how some things can be difficult, but if you look to God, you can trust it will be ok.

After studying St. Therese, I am also thinking about my choices.  I am choosing to study the Bible more and I’m trying to be a better person.

I’m thinking a lot more about my actions; am I getting angry?  Am I yelling?  Am I making snarky comments to my parents?  Am I really listening to God or am I just doing what my mind tells me?  Am I trying to get my own way?  Am I taking time to do my work?  Am I cheating in school?  Am I trying to get out of things?  I am asking myself these things and trying to fix what I am saying.  I’m trying to be patient with myself and learn from my mistakes.

I feel like I am a little sheep who is lost without God but when I trust God I feel like I have been found and I feel loved.   As I prepare for my bat-mitzvah, I’m finding I hear God more and it makes me love him more.


  1. Georgina - September 4, 2014

    Thank you Alyssa for sharing your personal preparation and growth.  You are a lovely young lady inside and out 🙂  God bless your transition season.

  2. WAIT! I don’t want her to be 12 yet! What is happening????!!

    Ok fine. She can be twelve. But time seems to be going by too fast now 🙁


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