Prayer for the Week of September 7 — “God’s grace gave us an easy journey”

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We have been working away on our land and little homestead.  There’s much to do.  And true to His word, God has sent us help.  One of our helpers has been John, an elderly man, friend-of-a-friend who has sort of adopted us.  He shows up in the morning, bearing fruit or corn or a perfect piece of furniture he picked up at a yard sale.  And he jumps in and starts working.


Today we chatted before the work started.  He said, “I sure wish you folks could have met my wife.  She would have loved you all.”

I asked his wife’s name and when she passed away.  “Her name is Theola.  And she’s been gone four years last April.”

“That’s a lovely name.”

“She was lovely.  She got Alzheimer’s.  But, God’s grace gave us an easy journey. She’s gone home.”

“I sure wish we could have met her already.  But I have no doubt we will.”

“Yes you will.  She was the sweetest and most soft spoken woman. But she fiercely did not want to end up in a nursing home. So, I promised her that as long as I was able, I would keep her in our home. And I kept my promise.  Her one prayer was to die in our home.  And my one prayer was for her to die in my arms.  God answered both our prayers.”

He went on, “You know, some people were upset with me that I didn’t go to pieces when she passed away.  But how could I? God had been so good to us.”

Through my tears, this morning, I prayer, “Lord, may we have the revelation of your grace to see all things from Your hands as good.  May we trust You in all things and lean ever more into Your heart. And God, give us a love for our spouses that transcends our culture, our circumstances, our day-to-day trials. May we pass along this love to our children. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”




  1. Temuulen - January 7, 2016

    Thank you Daja, it’s lovely it’s inspiring and moving to tears  ….please continue to share with us more like stories

  2. Georgina - September 7, 2014


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