5 Ways One Daughter Keeps Her Love On

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Raising children into adulthood is a challenge, period.  Perhaps every generation before me has felt the same way, but I think it is harder now than it’s ever been.  This generation seems to struggle with building relationships more than any other generation thanks to, at least in part, technology.  It’s too easy to slide into a disconnected world of blogs, emails, texts, and social media where relationships are formed through a screen.  Anna has often shared with me her challenges of building relationships with others her age and her sadness over her friends struggling relationships with their parents and siblings.

Today Anna shares:

5 Ways to KYLO

We live in the modern 21st century world, where it is expected that young adults will dislike their parents and siblings.  There are a few reasons why I think this age is so hard.  I think first off, when you are a teen, you have grown up seeing all the TV shows where teens act dishonestly and un-loyal towards parents and siblings.  Kids have the wrong mind set going into young adulthood. They think that they have to be like the people they see on TV.

Secondly, when children enter young adulthood they start to think more for themselves.  When they think that their parents are doing something they disagree with they allow those things to create distance in their relationships. They do not know how to respond in a way that is kind.

And finally, everyone expects teenagers to be on their phones.  Kids become so used to seeing a screen that they don’t know how to interact with people.   A friend once told me that most high school girls could be at a sleepover with the television on and their best friends over but instead of hanging out, laughing, and having a good time, they all have their phones out texting each other about the person next to them. This story made me very sad.

I don’t want to be a typical teenager.  I want to be a young adult who intentionally keeps my love on towards my parents, my sister, and my friends.  Here are 5 Ways I Keep My Love On:

1.  Recognize when I am tired. When I don’t get a good nights sleep or my week has been a long one. I  try to remember to give my family extra grace and sometimes that means letting them know that I am tired so that they can also give me an extra little bit of grace.

2.  Learn to stay silent.  This one is a little harder!  I am learning as I get older to stay silent even though I don’t always agree with my parents.  I am starting to have my own thoughts and ideas about the way I think things should go.  Staying silent gives me time to think through the issue before I say something I might regret.

3.  Don’t always be on a cell phone. Personally, it is not an issue for me because I don’t have a cell phone!  (Since we homeschool, I’m with my parents all the time so I just don’t need one right now.)  What I find with my friends who do have them, is that they become far more distant.  Even when we are together they are always staring at their screen, texting other friends, and they just seem to forget how to talk with someone who is actually in the room.

4.  Spend quality time together.  This one is not particularly hard but it is VERY important.  I find the more my parents and I hang out, the better our relationship.  I get to hear about what is going on with them.  I get the opportunity to hear about their joys and concerns, and that gives me more information to understand why they do what they do.

5.  Try and look at situations from my parents point of view.  Other than having to be quiet when I don’t agree, this is the next hardest thing for me to remember!  Sometimes I have to try to take a step back and look at how my parents see things.  Honestly this one is not easy and I fail at it all the time, but I know it is very important.  I can’t look at issues one sided.  I have to try and see both sides.  I also have to trust that my parents are trying to make the best decisions for our family.  I think if we all could manage this, and hopefully much better than I have managed thus far, I think the world would be a better place.

I know the Lord is not finished with me.  But I know He will get me to where I need to be.  I am not perfect, but the Lord is opening my eyes.  I pray that he would use me and my generation to be the light to the world!

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  1. Amazing!!!!!  I’m going to share this!

  2. Georgina - September 11, 2014

    You have spoken well lovely Anna.  Very sweet and insightful and wise beyond your years….or maybe this kind of wisdom is naturally supernatural for a Spirit-filled young lady like you 🙂  Thank you for speaking the truth in love.

    I am not on Facebook, but I hope someone who is will repost this for more people to see!  It is worthy of attention.  

    God bless The Provision Room.

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