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(We believe in Home-Centered Living.  We believe it’s good for women, men, children, society, the earth. This post is part of an on-going series we are calling, “Making Home” looking at the diverse lives of homemakers and those striving to live Home-Centered Lives. )

Making Home

Today we are talking with Bishop Gabe Abdelaziz of Alpha Beth Ministries and The Revival Center.  He just so happens to be Daja’s dad.  And you’ve met his other daughter and his wife already! He’s passionate about family life.  It has been the focus of his preaching and ministry for more than 40 years.  Enjoy….

Bishop Gabe and Pastor Dorothy

Bishop Gabe and Pastor Dorothy

Provision Room: You’re a man and a pastor.  Neither of those two titles conjures images of the homemaker.  Can you explain, in a nutshell, why you view home and home-life as so important?

Bishop Gabe: Home is the MOST important of all ministries. All strong ministries are birthed in the home. When a man can love and nurture his home, that is the true mark of a good leader/man/pastor. If a man cannot rule his own home, then he should not be ruling the house of God. God is not impressed on how well we preach or how much we do in a church office, as He is impressed at the man who says, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” The home is the man’s castle and his wife is the queen and his children are being trained for the Kingdom.

Making Home: Bishop Gabe

Bishop Gabe and his family at the celebration of his 40th year of ministry

Provision Room: We often read the Bible through our lens of modern culture where women are concerned about home and family and men are concerned with work and making a living.  Can you strip away some of that for us and perhaps throw out some Scriptural example of how men are home makers/builders?

Bishop Gabe: The strength of a man’s character shows up in his family. The first nurturers of the home are the fathers. The scriptures tell fathers to train up a child. Although the woman/wife influence is of vital importance in the home, it is even more powerful when the man/husband takes a primary role in his home.  I often say that men build houses, but women build homes. It is my responsibility to provide a highly productive and functioning home for my wife and children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Provision Room: Can you give us at least one example of how you and your wife work together to build your home?

Bishop Gabe: The home is the primary institution established by God. He actually established the home to be an exact model of the church.  That is why the body of Christ is called the family of God.

My wife and I strive to live in unity where we have learned each other by spending quality time together over the years. Dorothy creates an atmosphere and I find I am the one who works to provide for her to carry out her function. We have learned jurisdiction.  Juris meaning the right to and diction meaning to speak.  I respect her jurisdiction and she respects mine. We attempt to never violate the areas of the other’s jurisdiction.

We take care of our home together. I often help cook, help clean, make beds. I do those things, not because I have to, but because I want to. I cherish my wife.  She is the designated queen of my castle and I have no problem serving my queen and she cheerfully serves and honors her king.  For forty-one years, she has not worked very much outside of the home. She was a stay-at-home mom and now a stay-at-home wife. She is not a housewife, for she is not married to the house. She is my wife and I have worked many jobs at once to allow her to stay at home.  Her position is not subservient, but a place of honor. She is highly intelligent and extremely wise. She is my Titus 2 woman.

We are a team and complete one another.

Provision Room: How do you encourage the families in your church to focus on their families?

Bishop Gabe: The whole concept of church is not a religious institution, but a family unit. That is the very reason God is Father and we are His children. I attempt to teach our congregation to emulate what the Father has set forth.  Families work together, pray together, and play together. I call forth and train men to be fathers by example. I attempt to model what a father looks like and hope that men catch on.

One small example:  I teach men to open and close doors for the women in their lives. I view my wife as the Queen and I speak that openly before the congregation. I wash, wax, vacuum, and fill the Queen’s car with gas every Monday.  The Queen deserves to ride in a clean chariot.  I want to model that before our men, single as well as married.

Bishop Gabe teaching fathers how to speak blessings to their children.

Bishop Gabe teaching fathers how to speak blessings to their children.

Bishop Gabe with Nevers Mumba, Former Zambian Vice-President and current Presidential Candidate.

Bishop Gabe with Nevers Mumba, Former Zambian Vice-President and current Presidential Candidate.

Provision Room: What do you see as the biggest threat to families today?  And what can we do to combat that?

Bishop Gabe: I see the biggest threat is the ungodly worldview of the traditional family.  Over the years, we have fostered an individual and self-centered philosophy. The moral fiber of the home is minimized and is practically non-existent. We are too preoccupied with gadgets and technology to spend time on that which is important – the family.

What can we do to combat it? It is time to put on the brakes and stop the downward spiral to total loss.  Fathers must corral their families, circle the wagons, and have an old-fashioned family pow-wow.  Parents must take back the reins from society and choose not to allow their families to become a statistic. We must get back to the basics: Prayer, the Word of God, and Discipline (which creates disciples). We must teach work ethics, manners, and respect. I may not be able to change the world, but I can have an impact on my world.

Provision Room: If you could give one piece of advice to Christian families, what would it be?


Bishop Gabe's 19 grandchildren!

Bishop Gabe’s 19 grandchildren!

Read more from Bishop Gabe on his blog: HERE.

  1. Georgina - October 16, 2014

    God bless Bishop Gabe & Pastor Dorothy for their example of leaving a godly legacy through children and grandchildren.  I see it lived out in the Gombojavs 🙂

  2. Trisha - October 15, 2014

    I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I was wondering what you as people from a “natural” and Christian perspective think of this whole Ebola scare? There is so much hearsay and misinformation out there that it is hard to know what to believe. Trusting the gov’t and medical establishment doesn’t seem like the best idea. Or is this mostly fear mongering on the part of the media/gov’t? Are there any practical things we can do to protect ourselves in the event of an epidemic?

    • We lived in Asia (Mongolia) during the big SARS scare of 2003. All public places closed–restaurants and pubs, school and churches. Grocery stores stayed open but you were not allowed in unless you were wearing a face mask. This was during Easter time. We didn’t get to go to church that Easter. So, we dressed up in our Easter clothes and worshiped at home.

      When we traveled to the States a few months later there was extra screening at the airports and no one wanted to fly through China. You could fly through China DIRT CHEAP because no one was willing to risk death to save a buck. We flied through Korea. 😉

      How many of these scares have we lived through? SARS, Swine Flu, Whooping cough, etc.

      My husband says, “Prayer and common sense.”

      Yes, it certainly is scary this Ebola thing. Trust me, if I spend any time watching the news I’ll want to hide under the covers and not get up until it all blows over. But, since that’s not an option…..we pray. We trust. We wash our hands a lot. We do everything we can to boost our immune systems (fermented foods, lots of veggies, bone broth, garlic, etc.). And we leave our lives and hearts safely in God’s hands.


      • Trisha - October 18, 2014

        Thanks for replying, Daja. I’ve found some info on Colloidal Silver or IV Vitamin C killing most any infection/virus. I’m particularly curious about the colloidal silver if you have any experience with using it or making it that you could share, I’d be most grateful. I’ve also been trying to use essential oils on my family when they’re not feeling well. I’m new to natural healing stuff and don’t know much about it.
        You’re certainly right that in the end we have to leave it in God’s hands. Nothing can happen to us outside of His will. We can’t live our lives in panic. Whether the latest scare is SARS, Swine Flu, ISIS, or Ebola, God is still bigger than any situation we face.

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