Thanksgiving Menu!

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Daja: Of all the things for which I am thankful for this Thanksgiving, my daughter tops the list!  She is growing into such a competent and lovely young woman.  I am so blessed.  I am a busy person–husband, eight kids, homeschooling, business, preparing to move to farm, and on and on.  So, I delegated planning the Thanksgiving Menu, making the shopping lists and creating this graphic to my daughter.  She’s 13.  Call me proud.  I’m happily working myself out of a job!
Thanksgiving Menu

Click here for the recipes for the slaw and the gratin: All Things Veg!

Here are the recipes for the Pumpkin Dinner Rolls, Turkey, and Carrot Souffle.


I have to agree with Daja in Thanksgiving for our daughters.  What a wonderful season to have these lovely helpers in our lives!  This Thanksgiving I know I will be working side-by-side with my girls and the work will be a joy!  Our menu was a joint collaboration and is full of all our past favorites!

Thanksgiving 2014

You can find the recipe for Roast Turkey here and the recipes for my Pumpkin and Pecan Pies here, of course they are free of corn syrup!

  1. Thank you! Always looking to try new recipes. 🙂

  2. Everything sounds lovely and I especially like the photo with your mum, so precious: the holidays and loved ones.

  3. My eight year old is taking an interest in the kitchen, it would be so great to have her do menu and shopping planning by the time she is 13! I love big families and how the children must get involved in the running of the home.

  4. Everything sounds so good! What a blessed family!

  5. Lovely! Thanks:)

  6. Gorgeous-both the menu and the decor.

  7. Oh wow this sounds so delicious! What a lovely Thanksgiving menu!

  8. What a great menu. I love the table decorations. 

  9. I am so very proud of this beautiful menu presentation and very delicious Thanksgiving meal…Daughter of Daja….Daja and Kristina and Families…
    I am fortunate to have learned so much from you each at the UH classes…and here, too, from you.
    Thanks for sharing…adore these two menus of ideas….yum yum yum.  
    Happiness always, XxZ 

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