Everything you need for Thanksgiving, except the turkey

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Are you the holiday planner in your family?  Sometimes we just need a bit of extra inspiration! Menus, shopping, decorations….and all the while we don’t want to lose sight of the purpose for it all: GIVING THANKS!

Everything you need for Thanksgiving

Here are some links to help you keep juggling all those things and not forget ANYTHING…including your own spirit!  ENJOY:


Thanksgiving Menu #1

Thanksgiving Menu #2

Thanksgiving Menus #3 and #4


Cultivating Thankful Hearts (especially with children!)

Nothing Refused

The Key To Everything

Say No To Black Friday

Give Thanks


Abundance Themed [printable!] Subway Art for your kitchen

Printable Recipe Art (a recipe worthy of framing)

E-books To See You Through

All Things Veg (so many recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!)

Loving Yourself Well (we know you might be busy, but remember this (for it’s as true as it gets): SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH!)


Lovely Ways To Bless Overnight Guests

Setting The Table

An Inheritance of Hospitality


The Hash

The Pumpkin Smoothie

The Sandwich

And when it’s all over….

Easy Ways To Reset Your Nutrition

 In The Kitchen

  1. Found you through BA.  Love the leftover links!

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