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Christmas Sale

Simply stop by our STORE, buy ANY of our ebooks and we’ll automatically send you Grace and Glory just to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  If you’d like us to send Grace and Glory to a friend or your mother (what a great gift!!!!) just mention it on the special instructions when you order via PayPal.  If you wish to purchase Grace and Glory, you can request that an additional copy be sent to a friend or loved one!

Grace and Glory is a beautiful full-color book, complete with journaling pages.  It contains our hearts for moms.  We want you to be encouraged and empowered, living from rest, displaying God’s glory.  The path we walk as moms is honorable!  Remember, God Himself chose to reveal salvation to the world through the gift of motherhood!  Moms, this is our season!!!

So, stop on over in our store, pick out ANY book and get Grace and Glory!


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