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An “opportunity” presented itself recently.  It was a good opportunity. Could have made us a little money.  But the timing was not perfect.  It was too close to Christmas.  But, we kind of wanted to do it.  It would have been fun.  So, Kristina and I batted around that pro-con list.  Reasons we should (money, fun, exposure). Reasons we shouldn’t (timing, timing, timing).  Finally what won the debate was this: It’s Christmas. Let’s not be insane.

To which the other one replied, “You should meme that or embroider that on a pillow.”

Therefore, for your inspiration and tiny dose of reality:

Insane. Let's not be.

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Shortly after this enlightening conversation I was chatting with another mommy friend who was a tad bit overwhelmed. Passel of children (including a new baby!), Christmas approaching, a myriad of activities, not enough sleep or coffee.  Or perhaps wine.  Well, either way you go, my advice was the same: Girl, the key is to keep your standards embarrassingly low.  That’s what works for me.

Keep your sense of humor

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We know (come on, ‘fess up) that we are not the only one for whom the season can get out of control.  So many lovely little traditions–homemade gingerbread houses and hand-crafted decorations.  Gourmet cookies for all the neighbors and those costumes you intended to make instead of buy for the church pageant.  Let’s not forget that Elf on the $@&! Shelf.  Yes, it’s all lovely.  But, guess what? If all this good-doing overshadows the focus of adoring that Child, laid in the manager and His Holy Family surrounding Him that night, being watched over by the angels, then we are doing it all wrong.  The season is about hope and redemption, not perfection and expectations.


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As if you needed our permission…..we are giving you full permission to DO LESS.  To say YES to evenings at home giggling with your family.  To say YES to buying a mix (the horrors!) for your gourmet cookies and to eating it raw from the tube.  We won’t judge you.  Say YES to belting out Jingle Bells off-key at the top of your lungs just ’cause you can.  (And bonus points if it embarrasses your children at the same time.)  Say YES to playing hookie and not going to that Christmas party for your friend’s neighbor’s doctor’s cousin-twice-removed, just because you were invited.

SAY YES to your enjoyment of the season and NO to perfection and unrealistic expectations!  SAY YES to adoring Jesus and NO to elevating your crafting skills to DIY TV.  It’s OK.

Now, take a deep breath.  And another.  Where’s that Christmas music?  Where’s that ugly sweater?  Let’d do this thing… our pajamas.

It’s Christmas, y’all.  Let’s not be insane.

  1. The holidays are becoming more of what it shouldn’t be and less of the things that matter like just taking time with your family and enjoying the season. Thanks for a great reminder to slow down!

  2. Love the balance and focus you prescribe!!! Just right. Thanks!

  3. Usually it’s pretty low stress for me but I have it seen it go the other way!  Gotta remember… don’t go insane! haha 🙂

  4. My BIGGEST goal from Thanksgiving on is LOW STRESS. I don’t do everything. Because I can’t. And then I can’t enjoy the holidays with my family. So no elf on the shelf. No new book everyday. No baking every cookie imaginable. We do one craft. One or two baking projects. And take carrides to see Christmas lights, go enjoy the live Nativity, etc.

  5. Oh how I love this!! We are taking it SO chill this season (probably the first year ever…) I have been relaxed about even the decorations! Enjoying the season for what it is truly about, family, friends, and of course Jesus! Thanks for the great reminder 🙂 

  6. I have kept it super low key this year. I love this post and have it pinned!

  7. “Keep your sense of humour and your standards low” – love it – such an important reminder at this time of year – thank you!

  8. So true. My christmas is currently being combined with moving and celebrating my husband’s graduation from graduate school so my motto is to just take everything one day at a time and trust that it will get done. I absolutely love the “take a cue from the shepherds” saying though. Perfect!

    • You’ve got a lot on your plate for sure!!!  Be in the moment!  And enjoy every little thing!  (congrats to your husband, too!  That’s a great accomplishment!)

  9. Such a wonderful reminder to slow down and think about what this holiday season is really about. 

  10. Georgina - December 15, 2014

    Yes, I have done that cookie mix…hey some are pretty good!  Still don’t have the Christmas lights on the house…and if it wasn’t for my Bella, I might not even have the Christmas tree up.  But Dr. Seuss’ story gently reminded me, (Christmas) “it came just the same”…whether the decorations and traditions happen or not. Jesus’ birth celebration season is upon us.  I can take a moment and be still and just “feel a prayer” of gratitude (as Anne of Green Gables would say).  Because when all is said and done, Jesus is the Savior of the World and we have the privilege of receiving His gift of salvation.  Love the memes 🙂

    • The fact that you just quoted Dr. Seuss AND Anne in the same comment confirms why you are one of our favorite people. 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  11. Being sick with whatever creeping chest crud that’s going around, that takes over your body in less than 24 hours & plows you under your bedcovers faster than a John Deere tractor, does have its advantages. 🙂

    Cookies dunked in milk for Christmas dinner? Why yes, I think we will. And the Sweet Babe swaddled in the manger will highly approve, I have not one doubt. Blessings for a sane Christmas for all of us, far & wide~ Andrea XOXOXO

    • Feel better, Andrea! STAT!

      (But don’t give up on the cookies and milk for dinner idea. That’s inspired. 😉 )

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