Prayer for the Week of December 15 — Do You Have Room?

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You’re baking cookies.  You’re wrapping gifts. You spent a lot of time online grabbing some hot deals.  You stood in line at the mall (and may or may not have eaten a Cinnabon) getting those last minute gifts.  You have a list a mile long that includes vacuuming and dusting and finally getting those lights up on the front of the house.  Your Christmas cards still need to be addressed.  And someone needs to call your Great Aunt and tell her you’re not sure you can accommodate her bringing her two cats to Christmas dinner on account of your second cousin being allergic.  Speaking of Christmas dinner, have you decided on ham vs. turkey?

In all the hustle and bustle, do you have room for Jesus?  Would be a shame if you forget to invite Him to His own party!  My mom once, famously, didn’t show up to a party given in her honor.  It was a baby shower.  And the ladies throwing it didn’t think to invite her properly.  So, she never showed up. Oops.

In the Christmas story, those who made room for Jesus, those who had the time or the patience or the grace to leave room, got to experience the gift of the Word Incarnate.  Mary received Jesus into the empty space reserved for God within.  Elizabeth blessed her and rejoiced, her baby leaping within her.  Joseph made room in his home to love and care for Mary and Jesus, guarding them and protecting them.  Whoever owned that stable, had a bit of room to spare and shared it.  The shepherds didn’t waste any time after receiving the invitation to see Jesus.  They came with haste, the Bible says.  Anna and Simeon in the temple were expecting Jesus and were nothing but mi casa es su casa when they saw the Child.  The Wise Men had nothin’ but time. They journeyed and didn’t look back.

Yet there were many who didn’t have room–in their homes, in their inn, in their schedules, in their cultural and religious paradigms, in their hearts.  And so the Miracle passed them by.

This is a cautionary tale.  Don’t let this happen to you.  We are a week for Christmas.  Remember to pause.  To invite Jesus to the party.  Jesus and His Holy Family are still looking for a place to stay.  Will they find the welcome at your door?


Welcoming the Prince of Peace creates its own transformative miracles.  There is a Hebrew tale that says on the evening of the Shabbat two angels–one good and one bad–travel house to house.  They look in the window.  If they find the candles burning, the family gathered with love and good will, if they find peace and joy and the house prepared for rest, the good angel says, “May it be this same way next week.”  If when they look in the window they see discord and lack of preparation and people treating one another with unkindness and no candles burning, the bad angel says, “May it be this same way next week.”

Now while this is just a little story, the moral is this: You prepare for the transformation you want to manifest.

This week in Advent, let us prepare for joy! Let us prepare for love!  For peace! For hope!  May the Lord peek into our preparations and find a place prepared for Him.  Amen?  Christmas can be a time of amazing transformation and wonder that can last more than just the month of December.  Make room to manifest the transformation.

Sweet Jesus, we are busy in this season preparing our hearts and homes to welcome You anew!  May You and Your Holy Family find a place of rest here with my family.  We want to welcome you with joy, love, peace and hope. Grant us the grace to see You when You arrive and not miss the opportunity to show You the hospitality You deserve. Work in us Your transformation. Amen.

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about this very thing this week. With all the “busy” is there room in the inn?

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