Holiday Hospitality! (More fun than spiking Santa’s milk with bourbon!)

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Are you have guests this holiday season?  Family and friends gathering for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or Epiphany?  Perhaps you have a couple birthdays thrown into the holiday mix? We both do!  Showing hospitality can be delightful, fun and enriching.  OR it can be stressful, turning you into a cleaning machine with a deranged look in her eyes.  We are here to inspire you to the former.  We have written quite a bit about hospitality.  It’s something about which both of us are super passionate. (Do you love how I didn’t end that sentence with a preposition?)  Here are our best posts and tips.  Check them out!


Nightstand Preparations – This is my favorite thing and one of neatest ways to show your guests you have thought of them.  On the nightstand place a magazine or two you know will interest your guests.  (One of the last times I visited Theresa even had a book for me.  One that she knew was on my must-read-someday list.)  If your guests are new to the area maps and a list of local events are also helpful.  Make sure there is a lamp for late night reading.  You never know what travel will do to the sleep of your guests.  Late night reading may be just the thing to cure their insomnia. [More great tips on the full post here!]


Hospitality File

I have become sort of (in)famous in our social circles for my covert hospitality operations.  Just call me the Herbert Hoover of Hospitality. (ouch. alliterations.)  “When we have someone over for a meal or party, I sneakily take notes.  Oh, he doesn’t like red wine.  She’s allergic to diary.  The whole family is going gluten free.  These are things I want to know and remember!  Not only that, but simple things such as: He takes his coffee with cream, no sugar.  She doesn’t drink coffee, but likes tea.” [Read the whole post here!]



Entertaining is about impressing people and providing them entertainment….Hospitality, on the other hand, is about others. [Read this full and inspiring post here!]


Hospitality Inheritance

“Hospitality is a gift.  A gift you GIVE, not a gift you HAVE.”  That little distinction makes a big difference. Hospitality is about opening up your heart, intentionally.  She welcomes every missionary passing through, personally holds every baby they dedicate in their church, opens up her table and her home, gives money anonymously, financially blesses those who the Lord brings to her mind.  My parents have never been wealthy, but they also don’t operate their lives from a perspective of lack, but from love. [Read about we inherited our grace for hospitality here in the full post!]

He Prepares A Table

There is something really important about actually SETTING the table that is just as important as preparing the food. Tables just don’t happen.  A table must be prepared.  Psalms 23:5: “You prepare a table before me…”  Preparing a table is something that God does!  Who knew?!  When I set out the plates, napkins, glasses and cutlery, I am doing something that God does!  When I set bowls of steaming food and platters of fruit on the table for my children, I am mirroring something the Holy One does for His!  That is AMAZING!  That is a completely beautiful perspective! [Still need inspiration to get that table set? Read the whole post here!]

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