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Need a daily dose of Provision Room inspiration?  Or maybe a laugh? Or a cry? Or to hear about our misadventures to put your life in perspective?  We only get around to updating the blog about twice a week.  At the most three!  But, you can find us daily in other places!

The Provision Room


We have a Facebook page where we share links and pictures and random quirkiness. Because that’s how we roll.

We have a new Instagram account, because sometimes there’s no other way to capture the essence of chalk covered babies, new shoes, recipes, and the occasionally deeply theological reflection.

We post YouTube videos.  Now you can maximize the time you waste watching weird videos on the internet!

We are also endlessly fascinating at the rate of 140 characters a TWEET! Come follow us!

Ever heard that if you liked it you should’ve put a pin on it? Follow us on Pinterest!

And if all that isn’t enough, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed!

In The Kitchen


We offer a variety of ways to connect with us in person!  We love meeting new people, sharing our love of home-centered living, and learning from lovely homemakers everywhere!

We offer the following classes:

  • Traditional Food (fermenting produce, kombucha and kefir, bone broth, etc.)
  • The basics of cooking and food prep
  • Cooking with children (Parent and child cooking class!)
  • Feminine Joy (turning “That time of the month” into a joyful expression of femininity and creativity!)

We also offer several retreats:

  • Daughters of the King (Weekend or One Day Events)
  • Embracing the Sabbath Rest (One Day and Half Day Events)
  • Food and Social Justice (Experience a local farm-to-table dinner and learn about food as social justice issue.)

Breathe Beautiful


Contact us with questions, feedback, guest posting opportunities, or to schedule a special event!

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