40 Things To Clean Up During Lent

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We know that Lent is still a few weeks out.  However, it’s not too early to think about what you might do this year.  What can you offer up to the Lord?  It’s a good time to think about Spring Cleaning–of both heart and home.  The tangible things we do during Lent–giving up meat or coffee or wine, or spending more time in prayer or going to church more often, or fasting Facebook, or whatever it might be–is a prophetic act.  It is to serve as a reminder to us of what should be happening in our souls.  Making space, cleaning out, hanging onto the good and letting go of things less virtuous.

40 Things To Clean Up During Lent

Here’s a little idea. Clean up 40 different things for 40 days during left. (For those of non-liturgical traditions there are forty fast days from Ash Wednesday to Easter, because we don’t count Sundays.)  Make room in your home, your life and your soul for all God’s abundance!

  1. Your purse (you have some receipts in there from Christmas still, I think.)
  2. Diaper bag or school bag
  3. Make-up bag/kit (old make-up = toxic. Toss it!)
  4. Pantry (Here are some FREE tools to get that organized!)
  5. Deep Freeze
  6. Curriculum (let’s face it, are you really ever going back to that workbook that is only half finished and everyone hated?)
  7. Desk *clap along if you know that happiness is a truth*
  8. My Documents on your computer
  9. Computer photo files
  10. Spice cabinet (That bottle of curry has been there for about 5 years and has no flavor left. **Let it go! Let it go!**)
  11. Refrigerator
  12. Bible (all those notes and receipts and little pieces of paper your kids drew on during the sermon….)
  13. Tupperware cupboard
  14. Silverware drawer
  15. Garage (Make it a family work day! Reward with pizza!)
  16. Toy box
  17. Car
  18. Linen Cabinet (now is a good time for family instructions on how to properly fold a fitted sheet)
  19. Cleaning supplies
  20. Laundry room
  21. Closet (Donate stuff to the Salvation Army!)
  22. Underwear drawer (granny panties must go! Splurge on decent chonies, please.)
  23. Pantyhose, socks and tights (Seriously–snags, holes, stretched out–toss ’em!)
  24. Magazines (donate to the library)
  25. Medicine Cabinet (check all expiration dates)
  26. Couch cushions (Use all that loose change to buy yourself a candy bar)
  27. Bookshelves (You may feel it sacrilege to get rid of books, but it will be OK!)
  28. CD’s and DVD’s.
  29. Shoes
  30. Kids’ closets/drawers
  31. Craft supplies
  32. Pictures and video files on your phone or iPod. (Delete all those ridiculous pictures the three year old took while you were running errands.)
  33. Sports equipment
  34. Gardening tools and supplies
  35. Ovens and stove
  36. Email inbox (I only have about a gajillion emails in there….)
  37. Filing Cabinet
  38. Junk drawer
  39. 72-Hour Food Kit (check dates, eat what needs to be eaten, replace with new stuff and put it back in storage)
  40. Safe (Make fresh copies of documents like policies if they have been renewed, shred stuff you no longer need and place back in storage.)

And as you clean-out if you stumble over throwing things out or if decluttering brings out your worst character traits remember this:

Failure done right is our path to Jesus

(Linked to Worth Revisiting)

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