Need A Hero?

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Tomorrow begins the Feast of Purim! Do you know this story? Does it thrill your heart and make you want to shout and do a happy dance? It’s a story of redemption, love over-coming, girl-power, feminine strength and beauty, courage, and so much more. And let’s face it, it’s just plain fun!

PurimThere are (at least) four very important lessons from the Feast of Purim. The first being: Remember, Lovely One, that you are a target. But, you can choose to be the hero. The choice is yours.

Read those lessons and how we celebrate here: When the World Needs A Hero!

And check out our Facebook Album for Purim photos! Have any fun Purim photos to share? Post them to our Facebook page and we’ll add them to the album and give you a big shout-out!


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