Prayer for the Week Mar 9 – I Thirst

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As a mom I have found Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, to be such an inspiration.  She inspires me,

  • in her humility as she said yes to the Father and His plans to bring a Savior.
  • in her poverty as she birthed a son in a barn separated from her family instead of the way she must have imagined, warm and in a proper bed surrounded by other loving women.
  • in her obedience to dedicate the Son of God back to the Father.
  • in her faith to launch her son into his ministry even when he declared, “It is not my time.”
  • in her prayerfulness as she kept all things and pondered them in her heart.
  • in her sorrow as she watched the agony of her son on the Cross.

Is not the cup


My journey of pondering Mary has brought me very literally to the foot of the Cross.  Growing up an evangelical pastor’s daughter, I’ve only ever honored the cross thinking that if I saw Jesus still on the cross I somehow lessened what He did there.  And yet, I’ve come to the realization that a cross without Jesus on it is an empty shell.  For me to love Jesus and participate with him, I must be willing to see him there dying for me with a side pierced and blood and water flowing; a literal fountain of love and mercy poured out for me.  I must hear him say, “I thirst,” just as Mary heard.

Mother Theresa said it this way,

“…(Mary) was the first person to hear Jesus’ cry “I Thirst” with St. John, and I am sure Mary Magdalen.  Because Our Lady was there on Calvary, she knows how real how deep is His longing for you and for the poor.  Do we know?  Do we feel as she?…”

Let us try in a special way to come as close as the human heart can come to the Heart of Jesus and try to understand as much as possible Jesus’ terrible pain caused to him by our sins and His Thirst for our love.  Thank God our Lady was there to understand fully the thirst of Jesus for love.  She must have straight away said, “I satiate Your thirst with my love and the suffering of my heart.”

In light of everything He did for us, can we bravely look upon the Crucifixion and see Him in His suffering?  Can we do anything less than be willing to see Him there and offer ourselves in an effort satiate His Thirst?

Dearest Jesus,
Please help us to never turn away from your suffering or be afraid to see all that you did for each of us.  Give us courage to see you on the Cross where your love and mercy poured out for us.  Let us hear you say, “I thirst,” and let us respond by saying “I will offer you my love and devotion to satiate your thirst.”

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