Celebrate Pi Day with Pie! (and some fun family time!)

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Every March 14 is special because it is Pi Day. (PIE DAY!) There is not better day to make a pie and thank the Lord that Pi is not something you have to use in your everyday life, but that pie is appropriate for every meal. This year, it’s especially awesome because it’s 3.14.15! I mean, com’on! That’s just cool! You should probably let everyone sleep in until 926! (Math geeks everywhere just freaked out.)

For those of us who are far more interested in Pie than Pi, we have put together some truly delicious recipes. For those who like Pi we have some really fun and educational ideas for family time! Here are your instructions:

1. Eat Pie.

2. Play Pi games.

3. Eat more pie.

4. Laugh your heads off!

Celebrate Pi Day with Pie!

 So, first the pie. Here are more than 30 totally fantastic recipes from some of the best food bloggers on the web! You will want to lick your plates, we promise you! We suggest you make a savory one for supper and a sweet one for dessert. One can really never have too much Pie.





And now for the games!

Math is so much more fun when it’s a game! These particular games were planned and perfected by Kristina’s daughter (my god-daughter) Anna, our resident brainiac.  I’d say she takes after me, but my mouth is too full of pie.

Game Number 1

You will need:

  • 20 Index Cards
  • A Sharpie or black marker
  • 1 Mini Pie (For prize)
  • Plus 1 extra index card with 867-5309 on it.  (Tommy Tutone fans unite!)

(Requires at least two people but three or more is better!)

You begin by writing the first twenty numbers including the decimal point; putting each number on it’s own individual note card. Then you blindfold one player and the other player hides the cards around the house and sets a stopwatch for 1 minute. Have the first player take off the blindfold and give him/her 5 seconds to gather themselves then begin the official timer.  In that minute the player must find as many cards as he/she can. If they find the card with 867-5309 they get an ten extra seconds of looking time for the pi cards, this card has to be hidden the hardest.

Once the one minute timer has expired, the player gets an additional thirty seconds to put all cards in order.  However many they get in order is their score.


If you get a tie score:
If you end up with a tie, you have to race to the pie! Simply find a spot in your house with 6-10 feet without any obstacles. Have the two players lie on their backs and slide across to floor in a race to the finish (using their feet is allowed.)  Put the piece of pie at the end of the racetrack first person to make it to the pie wins!



Game Number 2

You will need:

  • Twine or a strong string
  • A small piece of pie

(This game requires at least two people to play.)

Begin by wrapping the twine around the piece of pie and have one player lay on the floor and the other player hold the pie at mouth level the player laying down gets five chances to do a sit up, no hands allowed, to reach the pie.  Whoever can reach the pie gets to eat it!!



Game Number 3

You will need:

  • Blue masking tape
  • The twenty index cards you made for game one
  • A Mini pie for prizes

(You need two people)

Make a blue masking tape hop-scotch course in a any shape you want. (We only had regular tan-colored masking tape, but blue would have been much easier to see!)  Then have the first player hop through course on one foot.  To make it more challenging, there can be squares that say change feet or you may create a square in which the player can put both feet down.


Each time the player completes the hop scotch course without touching any of the tape lines and/or falling he or she places a card with a number of pi down in any square the player chooses.  That square is now off limits and has to be jumped over.


To make the game even more exciting, music is being played the whole time if the music stops (like in musical chairs) the player must stop jumping and stay perfectly still until the music starts again.

The last player to jump the course successfully wins!

Happy Pi Day ya’ll!

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