What It Means To Be A Mother

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Today is the Feast of the Annunciation.  We are nine months from Christmas. (Don’t panic. This is not a post about preparing for Christmas!)

This is a day to recall the words of the Angel Gabriel, proclaiming to Mary the part she would play in the plan of salvation.

This is a day to recall the words of The Virgin Mary, affirming her willingness to carry the Savior of the world, to live a Eucharistic life.

Mary’s participation in Christ’s suffering began with the annunciation, when she was asked to give God a human body, more properly, a human nature. In other words, will you make God capable of suffering? God though he was, he learned obedience in the school of suffering. God could know experimentally what suffering was only by taking a body. So the Blessed Mother is asked, “Will you make it possible for your creator to suffer?” think of a mother, for example, who gives to a young son or daughter an automobile at the age of nineteen, which a short time afterward is the cause of a wreck and permanent injury. Would the mother ever forgive herself? And here Mary has to say yes, I will let him suffer. (Fulton Sheen in Through the Year with Fulton Sheen)

What an example of amazing motherhood Mary gives us. And as mothers we all participate in redemption. We all in a sense consent to brokenness for the sake of new life. (Read last year’s meditation on the Annunciation: Body Broken)

On Sunday, the speaker gave a timely encouragement that we want to pass along to you. He said, “At what point did Mary become a mother? It was not at the Nativity. It was at the Annunciation, when she said, ‘I am the handmaiden of the Lord, let it be to me according to your word.’  Some of you have been touched by miscarriage or stillbirth. You need to know that you are a mother. In fact, you are still that child’s mother. Be comforted that you share in the blessing of Motherhood.”

Today we call Mary blessed. And we rejoice in our motherhood. And we rejoice with you in your motherhood–if your babies are in your arms or in Jesus’ arms. Have a beautiful day.

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