Living in Peace With Nature (Thoughts for Earth Day from Israel, age 12)

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Earth Day

Besides Earth Day, when do you ever think about the earth?  And maybe that’s just another weird thing that people do. Maybe the world’s not important, its not like we need it to survive or anything.   Saint Francis didn’t think so. He knew the importance of what God gave us, so here’s a view of the earth from Saint Francis:

Saint Francis is the patron saint of the ecosystem. Why? Because he not only knew how important nature is but he knew how to co-abide with it.  Okay, here is a question for you: are you afraid of spiders? No? Maybe a little? Yes?  Crazy scared of them?  If your answer was anything but no than you’d definitely be scared of wolves! But when Francis heard about a wolf who was eating people and their livestock in the city of Gubbio, and while others ran, he hiked up the mountain to find the wolf! As soon as he saw the wolf he made the Sign of the Cross and commanded the wolf to come and lay at his feet! The wolf obeyed! Then Francis told the wolf that even though he did it out of hunger, eating people was still evil.  He led the wolf down into the city and told the amazed people that if they just fed the wolf  he would stop eating people and livestock.  What?! I know amazing right.

Francis knew that GOD doesn’t do things for no reason but that He always has a plan. Imagine if Francis had had the wolf killed? Would that have shown the citizens the power of GOD? No, it wouldn’t.  Only by understanding what the wolf needed, being at peace with the animal showed the citizens the power of GOD.

So this Earth Day take time to thank God for nature and think about how important and wondrous nature is.

(By Daja’s son Israel, age 12)

Family Time Ideas For Earth Day:

Movies to Watch:


  • Pick up trash at the park or beach
  • Memorize the Prayer of St. Francis
  • Recycle
  • Work together in your garden
  • Visit a Farmer’s Market, Farm Stand or local farm
  • Make dinner from scratch as a family
  • Take the 30-Day Fast Food Free Challenge

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  1. Georgina - April 19, 2015

    Thank you Israel!  Well said.

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