Running Errands With Kids? Try The Trip Clip! (A review and a giveaway!)

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So, you know what’s fun? Running errands with your kids in tow. It’s a blast right?! It’s right up there with matching socks, getting a root canal, or responding to a jury duty summons.  Oh come on! I know I am not the only one who sort of treasures those times when I can run to the bank, post office, and Target by myself and perhaps squeeeeeeze in a cuppa at the coffee shop. Bliss.  Pure bliss.

But, let’s face it. Most of the time running errands means a lot of buckling and unbuckling car seats, finding public restrooms, answering “Are we done yet?” and “Can I have this?” over and over and over and over again.  It’s just life. The mom life.  And it takes mad skillz.  (See our post on Grocery Shopping 101!!!)

Trip Clip

Today, ladies and gents, it gets a lot easier! Enter: The Trip Clip

We all know kids love to “help.”  If only there was a way to harness all that “helpfulness” into something that was really helpful?! Well, there is! Invented by creative mom, Molly Rhoten, The Trip Clip helps you to create customizable lists for everything from grocery shopping, to library visits, to packing lists and chore charts! You log into the website, which is super user-friendly, create the lists you need and print them out! Then (here’s the fun part!) your child gets to use them on a colorful clipboard with a pen with multi-colors. **raise the roof**

Not only are there these amazing lists, but there are also things like car games, doodle pages, letter tracing, and coloring pages.  Know what I’ve been using them for? Church!  I use the pages that are writing a story and I ask the little ones to take notes during the sermon! And they can draw a little picture to go with the Scripture reading!

These little clipboards have made errands, long car rides, and long sermons so much better! The kids look forward to using them every time. I am looking forward to using them as we take a long road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast when we move!  An added benefit is that following along with a list is helping their reading skills! #unschoolswoon

Such fun! And it’s about to get even more fun, ’cause we’re havin’ a giveaway!  One happy winner will win a Trip Clip Bundle! This includes a clip board and pen in your color choice PLUS full-access to all the activities on the website! Let the happy car rides and errand running begin!!!
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(We were provided a Trip Clip free of charge for us to try. We were not otherwise compensated for our positive review! We only endorse the things we love! <3 )  

  1. Rev Dr Robin Roseberrry - May 6, 2015

    The The Trip Clip What a great idea…. On long trips to Sacraento to visit family or family camping trips, I had to make up my own car games and coloring pages for my kids when they were young! Car Bingo, License Plates ABC’s, Words from License Plates, Billboard ABC’s etc….

    It was an hours drive on a winding, narrow 2 lane road out in the middle of nowhere to get to Church, Grocery shopping, Banking, Dr appts etc…. we played games like Car Bingo… we counted the squirrels/rabbits/wild boar/snakes/kangaroo rats/hawks/kit foxes… any wild animal counted. Whoever had seen the most and marked them on their Bingo Card got a special treat at the grocery store when we got to town. (of course everyone got something becaue one saw more squirrels than the other, another saw more hawks.. etc you get the idea!) 
    We also played name that tune… Daddy would start to hum a song whoever named the song first got points. He like to hum “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “The ABC Song”, or “Ba Ba Black Sheep” We had to guess which one it was (they all have the same tune) One of the kids asked onetime “Daddy how do you know which song it is?” Jim’s Reply: “Whatever words I’m thinking when I’m humming the tune!” We had many many many hours of great car time!

    I love the Provision Room you always have such wonderful inspiring ideas!

  2. Emily Carlisi - May 6, 2015

    My grandkids would love this!!!

  3. This looks like a great way to make errands with kids easier for Moms and more fun for the kids. It sounds like it can also help kids become more responsible but in a fun way.

  4. What a great way to get kids involved!

  5. Miles and Micah are so cute and so responsible!! My daughter also 7 loves helping I’m gonna check this out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wish I had a trip clip when my kids were little!

  7. Very cool!!! I haven’t heard of this before. Yes, the added bonus is that kids love being organized with homemade lists and charts; they love knowing what to expect and helping with planning. This has multi-tiered benefits!! 😉

  8. I have to say my best recent shopping trip was when taking my youngest grocery shopping and putting him in charge of reminding me to get a few important items as we went through the store. He took the job seriously, and for once I got everything! 😉

  9. Nadia - April 26, 2015

    The easiest grocery shopping trips are when they have a shopping cart shaped like a car with 2 steering wheels so both kids can drive plus snacks to eat the whole time. 

  10. I was JUST thinking today that I need to create a bunch of lists with my daughter. She loves charts, so it is a great way to encourage reading!

  11. Serena Abdelaziz - April 24, 2015

    Seriously….I love the idea of customizable lists. My kids love grocery shopping.

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