Things I Already Miss About California (that maybe only other Californians will understand)

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We have been in Maine 3 weeks. There are already a few things that I miss.

1. Where’s the jicama?

At the grocery store there seems to be a missing Latin section. And an Asian section.  If you want just the standard potatoes, carrots and tomatoes, no problem. If you are looking for jicama, poblanos, tomatillos, Napa cabbage, daikon radishes…..say a prayer. And learn to grow your own.

2. THE

Yes, that’s right. I miss the article. In Los Angeles we take THE 10 to THE 605 to THE 210.  Here you take interstate 95. End of story. I don’t know if I will ever get used to dropping the THE when giving directions.

3. Our Lady of Guadalupe

In my former ‘hood she is painted on murals as you drive down the highway, on candles you can buy in the grocery store, and is represented in every parish church.  I haven’t seen her in a month since we crossed the California border. I miss her.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Painted by one of my pastors, Fr. Philip Sullivan, for the occasion of his ordination

4. It’s 9pm. Do you have ice cream?

This is not the city, yo. You got a craving for some mint chip? Better check the clock. If it’s after 9pm, you’re stuck without it. Go eat some nutella off a spoon. Oh, and pizza delivery? That’s out too. There is no rural pizza delivery.

5. Merging

I don’t drive THE interstate 95 very often. But, when I do…..DUDE! SPEED UP! By the time you reach the end of the on ramp, for the love of all that is good in this world, be up to speed. Or at the very least decide if you intend to get in front of me or wait for me to pass! I think perhaps all new drivers should spend like a month driving in Los Angeles so they can pick up some skillz behind the wheel.

6. My Community

You know who you are. I don’t have to name names. The Fourth of July is coming up. And I am already missing all of you gathered around a campfire and a bottle of wine.  The fireworks were just an excuse to make grown-up snow cones and have some deep conversations. I am already missing your laughter and prayers and music.  How we could jump from poking fun at one another to challenging one another on some serious theological issues.  No subject was ever off limits, because we truly love one another–beyond political affiliations, denominations, age, skin color, background. I appreciate how you all know me–you bring my favorite things without me having to ask. I appreciate knowing you, and having your favorites on hand as well.  Our friendship is a gift that I treasure so deeply, you have no idea. Only in heaven will you all know how much you mean to me.  So, go drink a gin and tonic for me and know that this California girl misses and loves you!


  1. KelLee - July 8, 2015

    Hi Daja,

    I have left you a message in FB and live in the same town you do. I also moved from a much bigger area… and have dealt with the pains of moving. But I can help in the food arena!  In Belfast, 30 minutes east on rt 3, there is the largest food coop in Maine, Belfast Coop. It has what you are looking for, jicama, annaheims, and more. They usually have them but will sometimes run out. They also have a more cultural foods and sauces. As far as Our Lady of Guadalupe, I have found her in the dollar store, Family Dollar. That is where I get my candles and such. It took me quite a while to ‘find’ where I can get different things. Just let me know and I will help. God bless you and welcome to Maine!

    • Daja - July 9, 2015

      Hey! Thanks for the leads! Excellent! Can’t wait to check them out! Exciting!!!!  🙂

  2. Mega Bird - June 24, 2015

    Daja, I haven’t seen a fresh fig since I moved to the Midwest. We do have jicama, though. It showed up in grocery stores here in Defiance Ohio a couple of years ago. I should also worn you. Don’t by any fruit but apples, Bannanas and oranges in the winter. If you stray from this, you will most often b disappointed. I learned the hard way. Lol! 

  3. Serena Abdelaziz - June 24, 2015

    My friends in Colorado—-your description of your 4th of July–yes, my heart can hardly stand the loss, at times. I miss them terribly. This month marks 3 years since we moved from CO….might heart longs for those deep moments again. 

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