Prayer for the Week of August 3 — Pray For Your Spouse’s Faith

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I sense that many of our readers struggle as they work out their faith (with fear and trembling) and allowing their spouse to do the same.  Some of you may longingly wish that you had a spouse who did family devotions or attended church with you, but your spouse may seem to be on an entirely different page in regards to faith.

Prayers Ascending

We just want to take a moment to encourage you.  Keep your love on. Persevere in faith. Do not become weary in well-doing.  And pray. Pray, pray, pray.  Offer the Lord any sacrifice He asks of you. And hold on.

Oh yes, my God, I must have it, You must have it, this straight true soul; he must know You and love You, become the humble instrument of Your glory, and do the work of an apostle.  Take him entirely to Yourself. Make of my trials, my sufferings and my renunciations the road by which You will come to this dear heart. Is there anything that belongs to me alone that I would not be ready to offer You to obtain this conversion, this grace so longed for? My sweet Savior, between Your Heart and mine there must be this compact of love, which will give you a soul and will give me for eternity him whom I cherish, whom I want to be with me in Your Heaven. Amen (From the Prayer Book for Spouses, Ignatius Press)


  1. Georgina - August 4, 2015

    So good.  Thank you for making the main thing, the main thing 😉 

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