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Today we are blessed to be guest posting over at Ordinary Lovely.  Theresa is doing a series all week on Large Families in Small Houses.  Creative and Contented! There are some very gifted and lovely ladies posting all week there about how they make it work–practically, spiritually, emotionally! It’s going to be great!  Whether you are three people in a cabin or seven people in a two-bedroom apartment or twenty people in a ranch house–or anything in between, I think you will be inspired! We could all use a little more organization, a little more inspiration, a little more grace. Go check it out!

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We are first up to bat. I guess we qualify because there are, at last count, a multitude of people living in this three bedroom, one bathroom house. We don’t know everything and we certainly have our challenges and struggles. But, this is life! And it’s a beautiful journey of all of us reaching heaven together!

An excerpt from the guest post:

My husband and I have lived a lot of places since we’ve been married—tiny trailers, apartments, duplexes, small houses and big houses. Urban, rural, upscale and Third World countries. We have always lived by the motto that there is always enough. In God’s economy there is enough room at the table, enough food in the pantry, enough hours in the day, and enough love and affection to go around. Our motto has been tested. Oh, I assure you, it has! But, it has held up. There is always enough.  Where there is love, there is room for more. (READ THE REST ON ORDINARY LOVELY!)

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