Prayer For The Week of August 17– Just Breathe

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There are days when I just come back to this.  There’s nothing else sometimes but this:

Please don’t cry.

Don’t let those tears roll down your face.

Oh, unless their tears of happiness,

Then it’s alright with me.

Just do your best.

Don’t worry about the fear of loneliness.

Or the cloud that you think hangs over your head.

It’s got nothing on you.

You’ll be glad,

that someone told you, to take a moment.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

Don’t be shy.

Enjoying life is passing you by.

Let the sun fall all around you.

Just take a moment and smell the roses.

Let go of pride.

Don’t forget the roads you walked.

Or the things you learned while you were gone.

‘Cause you pulled wisdom from the wreckage.

You’ll be glad, when this is all over,

That someone told you, to take a moment.

Just breathe.  Just breathe.

Go on and just breathe.

Go on and just breathe.

It’ll be alright.

Brush the cares right off your shoulders.

You were never meant for those even when you’re older.

You’ve got permission to be free.

(Andrea Marie. Get the album Here Begin.)

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