Prayer for the Week of August 24 — Nothing Is Far From God

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This mothering gig is not easy.  When they are little we are worried about everything from a mysterious rash to giant grapes. We consult the books and the doctor and WebMD for everything from “Should we vaccinate?” to “When can I give her honey?”

When they get a little older we worry about whether we should let them go into the public restroom by themselves and how to approach bad attitudes.

Then they get a little older and we worry about the company they keep, the books they read, and the apps on their phones.

As tough as we thought those early days were, the game keeps getting upped.  Thankfully, for each new trial or challenge, there is new grace.  I don’t know any perfect parents, but I know a lot of good ones. Mothers and fathers who spend time on their knees for their children, who make intentional choices when it comes to discipline and education and health care, who sacrifice and daily lay down their lives.

This parenting gig is not easy.

St. Monica, Nothing Is Far From God

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Last week we remembered St. Monica and her son, St. Augustine in back-to-back feast days.  Monica had a lot of challenges. When she was young her parents married her to a pagan who was known for his temper and for being a womanizer. Add to that she had to live with her mother-in-law who was hyper-critical.  At least two of her children died in infancy.  If all that wasn’t trial and challenge enough, her beloved son, Augustine lived a wild life chasing women and had adopted heretical beliefs. Monica wept and prayed and fasted.  When she sought the advice of the bishop and begged him to do something about her son, he told her, “Don’t worry, it is impossible that a son of so many tears should be lost.”

When her son was running far away from God, Monica said, ““Nothing is far from God.”

This is a valuable truth for all of us.

When you are having one of those moments when you feel all alone in your mothering, the truth is: Nothing is far from God.

When you watch your child branch out and do something all on their own and you have to sit on your hands not to help and bite your tongue not to say too much, remember: Nothing is far from God.

When you let your newly licensed driver out with the family car from the first time and you anxiously watch the clock the whole time, remind yourself: Nothing is far from God.

When your child leaves for college and to you, they look exactly like they did on their first day of kindergarten, don’t forget: Nothing is far from God.

When your child whom you love is not embracing the faith you live by as fully as you would like, hang onto: Nothing is far from God.

Remember, Mom, you are not alone. Your child has a Savior, a Redeemer, an Older Brother. Entrust your child to His care.  Keep up the good work, Mom, and do not be discouraged. Every prayer, every tear, every sacrifice–they are all heard. None are wasted.

 Dear Father, grant us the grace to follow St. Monica’s example. To love and keep loving. To pray and keep praying. To seek and keep seeking. May we turn our tears into prayers for our children’s sake.  May we always know Your Divine Presence and may our children never be far from You. May we live to see our whole family loving and serving You, God. May all our children be saints. Amen.


  1. Georgina - August 31, 2015

    Yes. All. Of. This.  Amen.
    Thank you Daja for giving us the encouraging truth:  Nothing is far from God.
    God bless The Provision Room and all who visit.

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