Prayer for the week of November 2 — Ora Pro Nobis

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Maybe I have thought about it before. Maybe it’s a new thought. I can hardly tell. All I know is that it has occurred to me afresh that we never pray alone. The Christian life is a not a solitary journey trying to sort things out for ourselves. It’s not a faith of pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps. It’s not my lonely words hitting an empty expanse, looking for a place to land.

There is literally Someone who hears.  In addition to that amazing fact, is the fact that there are also many Someones who pray with me.

There I am in my room by myself, kneeling by my bed. Feeling so all alone. The tears of loneliness or frustration or fear or desperation or pure weariness.  The questions that keep me awake at night as I implore the Lord for solutions and revelation and peace.  Christ is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for me. The Holy Spirit translates groans and moans into intercession to the heart of the Father. The Great Cloud of Witnesses also prays with me.  Christ is not divided. (I Corinthians 1)  All those who belong to Christ–we are One. We are joined to one another in bond of the fellowship of Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.  If Christ prays, all those who are joined to Him pray–those on earth and those in heaven.

I have a big family. A loving husband and nine children. I have devoted friends, parents and siblings. Yet, my personality is bent towards loneliness. I have the tendency to get inside my own head a bit too much and the feelings of being alone–terribly alone in the world–can press in on my soul.

But, I am never really alone. Even if my husband, children, friends, family cannot be there with a shoulder to cry on, even if no one “gets” me, even if I am awake and solitary in the middle of the night, I am never really alone.

St. Therese is there ready to shower down roses and remind me that for me to love and keep on loving is the ultimate calling.  St. Hildegard is there to pray and remind me that the very Wisdom of God who formed the world is there to empower my life. St. Josemaria prays and is there to remind me that to walk in humility is to offer and receive forgiveness.  St. John Paul II prays, too, and reminds me that in all my femininity I am made to image the glory of God and to walk worthy of that genius is the greatest compliment to our Creator. And on and on and on. That whole great cloud of intercessors, whose number includes some precious members of my own family who died to this life, clinging to the hope of God’s mercy in the next. They pray for me and with me, too.

As you begin your week in prayer, remember to ask others to pray with you and for you. Ora Pro Nobis. Pray for us. The Christian life is that of being part of a body, a mighty force, undivided.


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