Waiting Songs (a review and a giveaway)

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Is it Christmas already? By the looks of the shop windows, it is. Christmas is in full-swing. Except that it’s not.

We have something important to do before Christmas. Something that cannot be skipped. Before the Christ child and His Holy Family arrive, we have to get a few things ready. We have some readying of our hearts and homes to do. Thankfully it is not yet Christmas. We have Advent. This season of preparation, of learning to wait, of longing and desire, of pondering things in our hearts.  So, when that moment comes….you know that Christmas moment. Breathless, excitement, the anticipation at its peak, we know what that moment really means. We know that our Savior, THE Savior of the world has finally come. Come to make His home in our hearts and in our lives. He has come to stir things up and to bring us peace.  He has come to breathe new life into dead situations and to show us the meaning of our lives.

Advent is a beautiful time of year that often gets skipped over in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  By the time December 25 comes around we are burnt out and already tired. Come December 26, we are more than ready to tear down the tree and be done with Yuletide cheer.  It was a long month since Thanksgiving.  Oh, but if we don’t skip Advent! Maybe things could be different.  During Advent, we need to pause, to reflect, to consider, to desire and even to pine for Jesus.

This is where Rain For Roots‘ new album Waiting Songs fills a very important need. Songs especially for Advent. Although filed under “Children’s Music,” I assure you this is nothing like the annoying music you dread to put on in the car. In fact, during the first listen there were tears in my eyes. It’s beautiful and compelling music, theologically sound lyrics, no pop-references or Santa. In a word, it’s lovely.

One of my favorites on the album is Mary Consoles Eve, inspired by one of my favorite art pieces.  It’s about Mary, undoing the shame of Eve by a long-awaited promise fulfilled. Beautiful.

Mary Consoles Eve

“Mary Consoles Eve” by Sister Grace of the Sisters of the Mississippi Abbey

There is just such richness in this album. So much that children will immediately understand. Concepts such as it’s hard to wait and while we wait we should be singing and sometimes you don’t have the right words yet your heart beats with the truth and all things will be made right in the end.  My kids (ranging in age from 2 to 14) already love this album. We listened to it all day yesterday and it never got old.

In this Christmas rush, we invite you (we implore you) to take time to prepare. Take time to Advent.  Light those candles. Read those Scripture passages. Listen to waiting songs….while you wait.

Rain For Roots has graciously offered a giveaway. A really fantastic giveaway.

Five runner-ups will enjoy a free download of the entire Waiting Songs album!

The Grand Prize winner will receive (get this!), THREE Rain For Roots CDs: Big Stories For Little Ones (which saved my life one time on a road trip from California to Texas with an 9 month old), The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like This (songs from the parables of Jesus), and Waiting Songs. But what! There’s more! The winner will also receive an Advent/Christmas Ornament. 

Waiting Songs

Four things that are all true about Christ’s coming. Almost. Not Yet. Already. Soon.

So enter below.  There are lots of ways to enter to increase your chances of winning! Some you can do every day! Winner will be announced November 23!  In time for you to enjoy your prize when Advent begins November 29. *wink, wink* How’s that for planning?!

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  1. Last year we started doing the Greatest Gift advent book by Ann Voskamp as a family. We’re looking forward to doing it again this year and every year after! 

  2. Reading a book, one chapter a night, by candlelight.  writing a story that captures the anticipation and then celebration of the advent season.  unwrapping something each day…usually a picture book that ties into the season.  

  3. We dont have any Advent traditions yet as I didnt grow up knowing about it but I love the idea of pausing to reflect and to seek Jesus in this time of expectation.

  4. Or family hadn’t celebrated Advent before but I plan to start this year! I want it children to grow up having this tradition!

  5. My favorite is the Advent wreath and also gradually adding the members to the nativity scene as we reach Christmas and then Epiphany.

  6. The last couple of years we have taken the boys to an event that a local church puts on called Bethlehem Revisited. It is set up to tell the story of Christ’s birth as if you are there. You are greeted by prophets and angels as you are ushered into each area and the each event is acted out. There is a village of Bethlehem set up with activities for the children and live animals. Last of all you visit the stable and see the baby Jesus. It has been an enjoyable and memorable event.

  7. Jessica Rodenbaugh - November 12, 2015

    I love reading passages and lighting candles on our advent wreath as a family.

  8. Rachel R. - November 12, 2015

    My family lights the candles, which I love, and we also do a banner together, adding a symbol that points to Jesus each day, and reading and singing of Him. That’s my favorite!

  9. Julie Pizzino - November 12, 2015

    Our family loves Rain for Roots! Our two year old granddaughter is singing along with the first two albums already, and I’d love to give her the Advent album. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Every year our church has an Advent Workshop.  It’s usually a week or so before Advent begins and makes a great start to the season for us.

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