Winter Cocktails for Advent – A Slow Down Approach to the Holidays (Cocktail #2 – Old Vermont)

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 Old Vermont

Our cocktail lovely this week is an Old Vermont.  We stumbled upon this one several years ago and since then have made it part of many a quiet evening.  With all the fresh orange and lemon juice it’s practically a health food! *Wink, wink*

This recipe serves 2.

4 oz. gin
1 oz. Grade B maple syrup
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. fresh orange juice
4 dashes Urban Moonshine maple bitters (See Note)
Ice cubes
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail

Shake all ingredients vigorously and strain into a chilled glasses.

Note:  You can substitute Angostura bitters if you don’t have Urban Moonshine’s Maple Bitters, but do we love the extra little something the maple bitters give to the cocktail.

For a mocktail version, shake or stir together the lemon juice, orange juice, maple syrup, and bitters.  Pour over ice and add sparkling water to finish.


  1. Oh my, this sounds amazing! I’m a huge fan of maple syrup.

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