Those who wait

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On November 27 I was calming laying in bed, with my big pregnant belly, on a Netflix binge. It was relaxing and chill. Suddenly everything changed. I felt a pop and then a drizzle that turned into a gush. My water broke.

Soon contractions started coming. My husband and daughter tidied up the room and arranged the birth supplies.

And then we waited…..

Night turned to morning.

And we waited….

Morning turned to night.

And we waited….

Night turned to morning.

And we waited….


Contractions would come and go. Time would pass. Life went on at a snail’s pace between naps and walks outside in our woods and endless rounds of prenatal exercise and stretching videos.  All the while we waited.

As I waited I thought about this season of Advent. We know that Christmas is coming. But it is not yet.

We know that Christ is coming, but just not yet.

We know that all things will be made right, that He will make all things new, that He will redeem all things, that He will place all things under His feet, but not yet. Right now we wait.

And while we wait, we wonder.  We occupy ourselves. We help others. We encourage one another to not lose heart and to wait patiently. And time seems to move along at a snail’s pace.

Yet, make no mistake about it. No one has ever been pregnant forever. And Christ will come.

I gave birth to our son after six days of on-and-off labor with my water broken. He did finally make his entrance–joyous and amazing.  Christmas, too, will come–joyful and triumphant. And so will Christ’s coming again–all things being made new.

We wait. We hope. We pray. We rejoice. And we do it all again.

There is joy in the waiting. The waiting room needn’t be drudgery or full of despair. It can be a time of grateful and hopeful anticipation.

That’s not to say that waiting isn’t hard. Waiting is one of the hardest things.  Whether you’re waiting for a baby or for Christmas or for your number to be called at the DMV, waiting is just hard.  Waiting is also inevitable. No one, no matter how important, can get through life without waiting for things, for people, for time to pass.  The issue isn’t really whether or not we wait, but how we behave while waiting.  Sanctifying stuff.

Christmas is right around the corner. Don’t skip the waiting room. There are still a few days left of Advent. Use them to reflect and grow and think of deep stuff.  Spend some time with the Blessed Mother, who gives us the example of keeping all these things pondering in our hearts.


  1. 6 days after your water broke! Amazing, mama! And congratulations!

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