Agalliao! (Marriage is worth it.)

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This Is Marriage

Remember when Gene Kelly was singing and dancing in the rain, so in love?

Or how about a real life example: remember when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch because he was so in love and just couldn’t contain himself?

OK, a less annoying example? St. Francis of Assisi, so overcome with Divine Love, he would rush about through the garden, the church, the village, as if drunk, proclaiming God’s love! So in love he was mistaken for drunk!

Does marriage feel like that for you? Let’s be honest–most days, no. Sure, marriage has its fantastic moments, but on regular days…..well, it’s just regular.

“Much of our disillusionment over marriage stems from the fact that we’ve been duped into believing that good equals easy.  In other words, we often assume that if something is difficult, it can’t be of God.  Nothing has been more difficult for Christ than the marriage to His Bride yet Jude 24 says He’ll present her to His Father with great joy!  The Greek root word is “Agalliao.”  It means “to show one’s joy by leaping and skipping denoting excessive or ecstatic joy and delight!”  Just picture it.  After all the ups and downs in the relationship, after all the marriage has cost Him, He’ll act like a love-struck boy introducing his girl to his dad for the very first time.  Why? Because He thinks she was worth it.

On the pleasant days of marriage, gaze across at your groom and conclude that he is worth it.  On the difficult days of marriage gaze up at your Groom and conclude that He’s worth it.

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”  Ecclesiastes 4:12b

(by Beth Moore from her book Things Pondered.)

Marriage is amazing. Marriage is difficult. Through it all, marriage is worth it.  It is this picture of Christ and the Church.  If your marriage and life doesn’t resemble that, just give it time. Marriage has this way of being very sanctifying, if you know what I mean. We are being fit for heaven’s agalliao.  And in the process we are growing in the grace of marriage right here on earth. More agalliao moments as we go along. That’s the goal.


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