Let us help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Two weeks into the new year. How are your resolutions working out? Well, we’re here to help!

Photo shoot in our future!  Should we wear aprons???

If your resolution was to eat healthier (which is a far better resolution than “lose weight” in our opinion):

Check out our ALL THINGS VEG cookbook! Get those veggies in your meals in ways that the whole family will love! This cookbook was a joint project between our readers who submitted the recipes, our friends and families who came to a massive tasting party, and Kristina and Daja who contributed our own tried and true vegetable recipes. AVAILABLE IN OUR E-STORE.


Also, make sure you look in our RECIPE FILE for whole food recipes that are easy, delicious and unique. These are recipes we make for our own families. We don’t post ’em unless we love ’em!

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 If your resolution involved Meal Planning and Saving Money:

We believe in planning ahead. We find it healthier and it saves us money! (Music to any housewife’s hears, right?)  We have a four part series on frugal and healthy meal planning:

  1. Frugal and Healthy Meal Planning Part One
  2. Frugal and Healthy Meal Planning Part Two
  3. Frugal and Healthy Meal Planning Part Three
  4. Frugal and Healthy Meal Planning Part Four

Additional helpful links:

If your resolution is to be more organized:

We have devoted an entire Pinterest Board to the subject of Organization. We need all the help we can get! FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST HERE!

We also wrote a e-book for kids: Radiant! Inside and Out! This great little book is a devotional that helps your family clean up the house while also doing a little Spring Cleaning of the soul! It easy for children to relate to and understand, with bite-sized assignments for cleaning up that follow the 10 Plagues. This books is perfect for Lent or Passover! CHECK IT OUT IN OUR E-STORE!

Radiant! Inside & Out!

Additional helpful links:

If your resolution is to take better care of yourself (and shouldn’t that be a resolution for all of us?!):

Loving Yourself Well is an ebook that was born out of a 3 hour workshop we teach. It’s practical and inspirational! Advice for using herbs, homemade tonics, essential oils and more. Also our philosophy for caring for ourselves as a means of taking better care of those we love! Included in the ebook are tips for getting adequate rest, taking a sacred pause and honoring your spirit. GET IT IN OUR ESTORE. (**whisper** This is probably our favorite thing we have written!)

Loving Yourself Well

Additional helpful links:

Finally, take a little inspiration from our kids. Recently my 7 year old was helping me and lifted a box I thought was too heavy. “Can you handle that?” I asked. She replied, “Sure! But, only if I believe!”  So hang in there with your resolutions. You got this, baby!

What resolutions did you make for 2016? (Seeing as you didn’t win the Powerball.)

  1. What a resource list – thank you! I really want to learn how to cook vegetables in new ways this year.  Thanks for the help!

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