Let’s Talk About Lent, Baby.

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Are you all ready for Lent?

Candles, Stations of the Cross, alms box, extra special books for reading, journal?

Are you all ready for your meatless meals and Fish Fridays? Can we talk Lent meal planning for a minute?  Specifically, Fish Fridays. Lent is about prayer, fasting and almsgiving. But unless you live in a coastal town, fish can be really pricey, which encroaches on the whole almsgiving thing. Fortunately for us, we do both live in coastal areas where fish can be had fairly inexpensively.

But for the rest of you, here are four ways to do fish during Lent that will not break the bank:

Tuna Casserole

Fear not. This is not your middle school cafeteria’s tuna casserole. This is real food and it’s delicious. I mean, com’on! It’s topped with cheese rolls. Cheese. Rolls. Nuff said.

Let's Talk About Lent, Baby


Trout Pate and Yorkshire Pudding

Who would have thought children would eat anything called trout pate! Seriously though. Delicious.

Let's Talk About Lent, Baby.


Salmon Burgers

This one gets the prize for being very nutrient dense! It really packs a nutritional punch! But that doesn’t mean it compromises on taste. No siree! This is one to convert your non-fish eater in your family!

Let's Talk About Lent, Baby


Smoked Salmon and Fresh Beet Salad

Although this is one of our breakfast favorites, there are no rules saying you can’t have it for lunch or dinner!

Smoked Salmon and Fresh Beet Salad


OK, so, prayer, fasting and almsgiving….

What if you love fish. Like LOVE it, as my kids do?  It’s hardly fasting to say that Halibut is on the menu.  Nothing but cheers from the studio audience here. So, sometimes it’s better to redirect Fridays in Lent to vegetarian meals and dishes that are a bit more austere. Remember the purpose of why we skip meat and get down to the bare bones of what the fast is really all about.

So, here are some vegetarian suggestions for non-fish Fridays:

Tomato and Garlic Paste Pasta

Veggie Burgers

Fermented Veggies

Fontina Basil Blueberry Sandwich

In fact, we have a myriad of ways to eat your veggies and get your kids (or hubby) to eat them, too!  Our very best vegetable inspirations are in our cookbook: All Things Veg. How about a Vegan Ceviche? Or Creamy Honey Lemon Slaw? Or Eggplant Mozzarella Sandwiches? The possibilities!  Delicious possibilities. You won’t miss the meat, we cross our hearts! PURCHASE HERE IN OUR STORE. Only 3.99!


So, now, we would love to hear: What are you planning to cook during Lent?

  1. Why wait until Lent? They all look amazing for every day! Love your salmon cake! 

  2. You had me at trout pate!  Love the tuna dish as well.  

  3. What comfort food! Yes, please!

  4. Oh gosh that tuna casserole with the biscuits though! Looks amazing! Thank you for the great ideas!

  5. Let’s talk about lent ba-by…let’s talk about you and me…now I can’t stop singing about lent lol. 

  6. All of your food looks so good! That casserole sounds like total comfort food. 

  7. Rachel Meyer - February 8, 2016

    I kind of think that these foods are a little too fancy for Lent. (Except for the tuna casserole.) I think that trying to prepare your meatless (or seafood, not even meatless) dishes so that they are tasty and lovely and special and you don’t even miss the meat is really missing the point. It’s supposed to be a penance. Meaning, it ought to be unpleasant. And save money if possible. Otherwise, what’s the point? For Fridays in Lent we stick with rice and beans, bean soup, casseroles, maybe some fried fish from the KofC. Extra helping of the nasty coleslaw, because, hey, it’s Lent!

    • Nasty coleslaw! LOL!!!

      It’s true, depending on where we live and what our particular tastes are what is normal or affordable can vary widely. For example, we have a cellar full of beets from the autumn harvest. And we live near the ocean. So, a salad with fish and beets is actually quite cheap for us. May not be true for everyone. We do have quite a few vegetarian recipes in the recipe file as well.

      Thanks for commenting…and for making me laugh. Enjoy that nasty coleslaw! 🙂

  8. I’ll have to try that tuna noodle casserole! I think the cheese rolls will make it a hit with my kids!

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