Encouragement For Your Parenting Journey

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 Big Foot. Loch Ness Monster. Yeti.The Perfect Parent.

All myths folks.

This parenting thing is a journey. We all grow and change. We learn about who we really are–all our flaws and imperfections. Also our gifts and strengths. We learn about our kids–their gifts, their differences, their otherness. It’s a blessing, every single day. In the middle of its realness and its chaos and the ups and downs, we become more and more who we are and who God made us to be.

Daja has been writing about parenting over at Modern Alternative Mama and Modern Alternative Pregnancy. Here are two posts you may have missed:

“Did you know that when it comes to love, we all speak a different language? It’s true! What speaks love to one person may not translate to another. Have you ever done or said something with the truest intention of love only to have the other person respond with less enthusiasm than you had hoped? It’s likely not because the other person is trying to be rude or is rejecting your gesture. They just may not have heard it the way you spoke it!” READ THE REST!



“It’s no secret that having a baby changes you. No one starts out being an experienced mother. It’s all hands-on learning. I gave  birth to our ninth child just two months ago and have been reflecting on the difference between having the first baby and the ninth baby. Here’s a few of the changes we’ve been through:

Trying to conceive:

First child: You take your temperature, check your cervical mucous, and spend 20 minutes with your legs up in the air after sex.

Ninth child: “We’re so tired, did we just have sex in our sleep?”

READ THE REST (and have a laugh!)


First Child vs. Ninth Child

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